Here you can subscribe or unsubscribe from the various listservs that MSU Extension Forestry offers. These listservs are not community servers or discussion groups where people can respond to members, but only for information coming from MSU Extension Forestry. 

Clicking on an Opt-In icon (Opt-In) will open a message in your default email program with your respective email address. Replace 'Firstname Lastname' in the subject line with your name and send. You will be subscribed with the email that is set as the default in your email program. After your request is processed, a confirmation email will be send to you with further information. 

To Unsubscribe, clicking on an Opt-Out icon (Opt-Out) will open a message in your default email program. Just send, and you will be unsubscribed. 

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FORESTRY Forest/Woodlot Management Opt-In Forestry Opt-Out Forestry
MNRYC Montana Natural Resources Youth Camp Opt-In MNRYC Opt-Out MNRYC
MT-PLT Montana Project Learning TreeĀ® Opt-In MT-PLT Opt-Out MT-PLT


Commands regarding your subscription to a list should be e-mailed to:

[email protected]

The following commands can be e-mailed to listserv:

subscribe listname Firstname Lastname - to add yourself to a list
unsubscribe listname - to remove yourself from a list