2023 Horse Patterns 

Showmanship Patterns Western Horsemanship Patterns English Horsemanship Patterns
Showmanship Pre Jr.

Western Horsemanship Level 1

English Horsemanship Lvl 1

Showmanship Jr Western Horsemanship Lvl 2 English Horsemanship Lvl 2
Showmanship Sr. Western Horsemanship Lvl 3 English Horsemanship Lvl 3
 Showmanship - Yearling at halter Western Horsemanship Lvl 4 English Horsemanship 4
  Western Horsemanship Lvl 5 English Horsemanship 5
  Western Horsemanship Lvl 6 2022 English Horsemanship 6


Horse Patterns continued
Working Ranch Horse Patterns
In Hand Trail and Trail Patterns
 Colt and Greenhorse Patterns
Working Ranch Horse 1
 Trail Pre Jr
Greenhorse lvl 1 and Colt to Maturity 2 yr
Working Ranch Horse 2
 Trail Jr
Green Horse 2
Working Ranch Horse 3
 Trail Sr 2022
Green Horse 3
Working Ranch Horse 4
Yearling In Hand Trail
Colt 3 yr
Yearling in hand
Colt 4 yr.
Yearling at halter
Colt 5 yr.

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