Proposal Format and Materials

A faculty member submits a request for a Faculty Excellence Grant to her/his Department Head. In the request, they will describe the activity they propose to engage in and indicate if the activity is for fall or spring semester.  

The proposal should include

  • a brief (one-page) overview that clearly describes the benefits to be gained from the proposed activities, a rationale based on the faculty member’s professional development goals, and the plan for sustaining the work beyond the grant year;
  • a budget summary;
  • brief CV;
  • NEW!  for faculty who have received a FEG in the last 5 years, please include your one-page letter of accomplishment on your previous award; and
  • a list of current and pending research grants with a statement of time devoted to the project (see also NSF Grant Proposal Guide II.C.2.h). Example of format of current and pending grants:
    1. Project Title: xxxxx
    2. Agency, Requested Amount, Start/End Dates: xxxxxx
    3. Location of Project: xxxxxxx
    4. Commitment: xx academic months and xx summer months OR xx calendar months

Please combine these items into one document in PDF format.

Process for both Rounds of proposals:

1. Send to your Department Head by their deadline.

  • The Department Head will provide an assessment of each request from her/his department and a ranking of all requests from the department to the Dean.  The Department Head’s ranking should provide an explanation of how each proposal will have a substantial impact on the individual’s scholarly activity and career. 
  • NOTE: Faculty are no longer asked to submit through the ePCF system. However, this means that they will have to enter awarded FEGs into their profile in Activity Insight.

2. The Department Head will send a prioritized list to their Dean.

3. Each Dean will review the requests from her/his college and send a prioritized list, including the proposed activities, and requested dollar amount in PDF format, to the

Center for Faculty Excellence ([email protected]) by 5:00 p.m., Friday March 12, 2021 for spring proposals and November 15, 2021 for fall proposals.  

  • The Dean’s prioritized list will include an explanation of the prioritization process and rationale which includes how the proposals would have a substantial impact on the individual’s scholarly activity and career.  Deans can consider input from others in the department for their ranking.  If the Dean does not support the request, she/he is to notify the faculty member that her/his request is not being submitted for further consideration.  

4. Faculty committee review of proposals.

  • A faculty committee will be appointed to review all proposals. Faculty awardees will be notified of the decision no later than early May 2021 for spring proposals or December 2021 for fall proposals.   


 Updated: 9/17/2021