Past Recipients


Dominique Zosso, Mathematical Sciences

"Deep Learning: Open Resource Modules for Inquiry"

Anne Gibson and Jennifer Rockne, JJCoB&E

"Using Generative AI to Develop Effective, Professional Communications"

Lisa Brown, Gallatin College

"Smart Learning Approach in Technology Class"


Beth Shirley and Rebecca Jones, English

"Bitterroot Magazine"

Rachel Frost, Animal Range

"Developing a Relevant Case Study Library for Range Management"

Paul Gannon, Chemical and Biological Engineering

"Effectively Engaging Students in Group Video Projects"

Ashley Fuchs, Art

"Typographic Printing Detox"


Shelley Mills, Extension

"The Beekeeping Learning Laboratory"

Christine Stanton, Education 
Allison Wynhoff-Olsen, English and
Nigel Waterton, Education

“I had a story to tell”: repositioning Pedagogy for Enhanced Interdisciplinary Teacher Education"

Victoria Burchill, Art

"Zooming In: Learning and Practicing Metalsmithing through the Lens of a Microscope"


Christine Stanton, Education 
Allison Wynhoff-Olsen, English and
Nigel Waterton, Education
“I Had a Story to Tell”: Repositioning Pedagogy for Enhanced Interdisciplinary Teacher Education”

  • Declined due to pandemic restrictions.

Derek A. Williams,Mathematical Sciences
Promoting Student Engagement and Active Learning in Precalculus: Data-based Decision Making from Real-Time Data 

Selena Ahmed,Health and Human Development and  
Roland Ebel,Health and Human Development
Food System Case Studies for Enhancing Interdisciplinary Learning  

Alice Running, Nursing 
Heart Math: Physiological Feedback for Stress Reduction in a University Population 



James Joyce, Film and Photography
The Writer’s Collaboration

Wan-Yuan Kuo, Health and Human Development and
Paul Lachapelle, Political Science
Combining Social Science and Science Approaches in Teaching Experimental Foods

Jan Zauha, Library and
Allison Wynhoff, English
The Writer’s Quest Trunk: An Ivan Doig Archive Curriculum Project

Stacey Hancock, Mathematical Sciences
Fostering a Community of Practice: Using Classroom Videos to Improve Instruction in Introductory Statistics

Bill Schell, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Exploring International Best Practices to Integrate Professional Skills Development in Engineering Education

Kristin Ruppel, Native American Studies
“On the Land”: A Podcast Series on Indigenous Planning in the Northern Rockies - An innovative instructional and community engagement tool


Mark Jankauski, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Improving Mechanical Engineering Curriculum Interconnectivity Through Laboratory Infrastructure

Cindy Stillwell, Film and Photography
Experiments in Film Technique

James Joyce, Film and Photography
The Art & Science of the Pitch


Steven Joroszek, Architecture
Developing Learning Measures by Measuring Time Visually

Megan Wickstrom, Mathematics
Using Robotics to Explore Geometry and Angle Measures with Pre-Service Teachers


William Schell, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Digital Reading Guides Promotes Out-of-Class Engagement for the Flipped Classroom

Ryan Anderson, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Microfluidic Modules in the Classroom: Using Laboratory Demos to Promote Student Learning

Shannon Arnold, Agricultural Education
Agriculture across Disciplines: Engaging Montana Schoolchildren in Ag Ed through MOR Field Trips and Beyond


Keith Fisher, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Computer Aided Engineering Course Augmentation with Hands-On Learning Equipment

Milica McDowell, Health and Human Development
Implementation of an Inverted Classroom Concept in Kinesiology: Facilitation of an Original Group Project in a Large Lecture-Format Classroom

Shannon Arnold, Agricultural Education
Using Horses as a Teaching Tool: Engaging Students, Faculty and the Community in Active Teaching and Learning

Allison Wynhoff Olsen and Robert Petrone, English Department
Preparing Future English Teachers for Rural Schools in Montana  


John Miller, Cell Biology & Neuroscience
Integration of Commercially Available Brain Wave Monitors into Interdisciplinary Academic Offerings

Shannon Arnold, Agricultural Education
Exploration and Education: Natural Resource Science Discovery Program

Agnieszka Kwapsisz, Jake Jabes College of Business and Entreprenuership
Ready, Set, Go: Gamification of Education

Jennifer Thomson, Animal & Range Sciences
Cybersheep: Integration of a Competitive Simulation Model of Animal Breeding

Jennifer Green, Mathematical Sciences
Graduate Teaching Assistant Development: Fostering an Intellectual Teaching Community in the Department of Mathematical Sciences

Julia Haggerty, Earth Sciences
Crowd Sourcing Migration Data

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