You will likely need to provide additional and/or different course materials to support transitioning from a face-to-face to an online course. Implement your communication plan to notify student when new material is posted.

Ensure that course materials are mobile-friendly and accessible. Some students may not have access to a computer at home and will rely on mobile device. PDFs are easily viewed on mobile devices and keep file sizes small. Avoid videos and files that require a lot of bandwidth. Not all students will have access to wifi or home networks and may rely on cellular data.

Basics for posting course materials in Brightspace

Post course materials for the learners to view/download in the Content area of a course.

To add content to a course:

  1. When in a course, click on the Content link in the course nav bar
  2. Enter a title into Add a Module... (under the "Table of Contents" on the left hand nav bar) to create a heading under which topics will appear
  3. Select the Upload/Create button to choose from various options to add a Topic to the module
  4. Follow the prompts to establish the topic

In-line editing available to manage module/topic specifications

Use the Existing Activities button to link to other already established tools in the course

Select this link to access information from Brightspace about creating course content