See also Supporting StudentsHelp students who do not have access to high-speed Internet, are caring for sick relatives, or are facing other issues during this emergency. 

From MSU Counseling  and Psychological Services (CPS)

What students are experiencing, nationally and locally at MSU

  • Grief around loss of usual end-of-year rituals, activities, ceremonies, commencement, etc.
  • Isolation and disconnection due to social distancing, some completely alone, no roommates, family
  • Loss of autonomy and independence due to moving back home
  • Living in abusive or unsupportive environments (LGBTQ students, abusive partners, etc.)
  • Difficulty accessing/competing for resources (WiFi, computer, space, etc.) with family/roommates
  • Lack of motivation due to worry, transition to online, pass/fail option, tending to health issues, etc.
  • Resource insecurity (job loss, rent, food, bills, where to live, how to get home, etc.)
  • Stress and worry regarding health, finances, future job/internship, loved ones, etc.

Ways You Can Help

You may be student’s best/most regular ties to campus right now!

Check in with students

  • Schedule phone or online conference meeting to check in if possible
  • Use online discussion for peer support and sharing of “survival strategies”

Be flexible when possible

  • Acknowledge the many struggles listed above that students are facing
  • To promote better sleep habits, don’t have assignments due past 9pm
  • Leave assignments and discussions unlocked, or unlock judiciously
  • Make classwork asynchronous when possible for students with accessibility issues

Continue to watch for students of concern

  • Students who express extreme distress, hopelessness, depression, suicidal thinking
  • Students who disengage, stop participating, or whose performance declines

Help push information to students/Refer students for support

  • CPS remains open: students can call 406-994-4531 for services and information
  • Medical Services remains open: students should call 406-994-2311 to arrange services
  • See Tools for Coping with COVID-19, including self-care, relaxation, access to online fitness, and crisis resources.
  • Tutoring and academic, career, & financial coaching, is available at the Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success by emailing [email protected]

Maintain your own boundaries & self-care

  • Remember to practice your own self-care and get the support you need!
  • Remember that you can’t be all things for all students
  • CPS is available to consult about students of concern
  • Office of the Dean of Students is available to consult about students of concern at 406-994-2826 or submit a MSU CARE referral


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