DEAL encourages best practices and collegial development of MSU’s current and future academic leaders through highly interactive monthly workshops that allow participants to explore a variety of substantive topics, develop personal leadership skills and direction, and create networks across disciplines and units at MSU. DEAL was founded in 2009 by Doralyn Rossmann (Library), Paula Lutz (College of Letters and Science), and Jill Thorngren (College of Education, Health & Human Development).

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Adams Dean CAA/ CFE Int Dean/Director
Adams Alex CAIRHE Director
Austin Eric Faculty Senate Chair
Babcock Michael CLS; Earth Sciences Dept Head
Bajwa Sreekala COA & MAES VP/Dean
Bothner Brian INBRE Director
Brody Michael Faculty Senate Vice-chair
Brown Tia JJCBE Assoc Dean
Carter Jason VPR EDGE VP
Dobbs Chris MOR Director
Donohue Ariel Diversity & Inclusion Chief Officer
Francis Greg CLS; Physics; MSSE Director
Godwin Ian OPA Asst Director
Gray Stephanie Gallatin College Dean
Grey Gilbert Jeanette Human Resources Chief Officer
Harmon Alison EHHD Dean
Koltz Rebecca HHD Dept Head
LaMeres Brock NACOE;  MEERC Faculty/Director
Mayer Dale CON Missoula Campus Director
Ogilvie Craig GRAD SCHOOL Dean/ Assoc VP
Ranalli Mark JJCBE Dean
Richards Abigail Faculty senate; NACOE  Past Chair/Faculty
Seifert Tricia EHHD; Education Dept Head
Shannon Sarah CON Dean
Smith Royce CAA Dean
Stluka Suzanne Extension Assoc Dir
Stone Cody Extension Director
Swinford Steve Dept Soci & Anthro Faculty
Taylor Suzi Science Math Res Center Director
Tietz Julia EHHD Exec Asst
Voyich Jovanka CTR Director
Woolard Craig NACOE; Civil Engineering Dept Head


Last Name

First Name


Leadership Role



Civil Engineering

Faculty; Program Manager, Western Transportation Institute



Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Faculty; Co-Director, Integrated Design Lab



College of Nursing

Faculty; Campus Director, Missoula



School of Music

Faculty; Coordinator, Music Technology Program; Director MonSTER Studios



Cell Biology & Neuroscience

Department Head



Chemistry & Biochemistry

Professional; Graduate Program Head



College of Business

Faculty; Director, Bracken Business Communications Clinic



College of Agriculture - Extension

Faculty; Superintendent, MSU Central Agriculture Research Center, Moccasin, MT




Department Head




Faculty; Director of Accreditation & Operations



Provost's Office

Professional; Assistant to Provost



Agricultural Education

Faculty; Undergraduate recruiting coordinator



Computer Science

Faculty; Director, Software Engineering Lab & Software Factory



Electrical & Computer Engineering

Department Head



College of Education, Health & Human Development

Assistant Dean; Director, Student Success



Leadership Fellows

Director, Leadership Fellows Certificate Program


Mary Kate

Testing Services

Professional; Director, Testing Services



College of Nursing

Professional; Director, Administration & Finance



Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Faculty; Program Coordinator of I&M Systems Program, and Financial Engineering



Center for Faculty Excellence

Professional; Center for Faculty Excellence Grant Training Coordinator



Health & Human Development

Faculty; Program Lead for community health undergraduate program, Program Coordinator for gerontology certificate, Undergraduate Coordinator for department of Health and Human Development




Faculty; Program Leader, Educational Leadership



School of Architecture

Faculty; Coordinator of first year and third year design studios



MSU Alumni Foundation

Vice President of Data & Info Systems


DEAL Co-Directors

Susan Dana, Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship

Meg Konkel, University Studies/Academic Advising Ct

Rob Maher, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Susan Ahrens, College of Nursing, MSU-Billings

Chris S. Bahn, Chemistry and Biochemistry, MSU

Deborah Barkley, Human Resources, MSU

Anton Bekkerman, Agricultural Economics and Economics, MSU

Susan Cohen, History and Philosophy, MSU

Kevin Cook, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, MSU

Makiko Diehl, Office of International Programs, MSU

Doug Downs, English, MSU

Rachel Endecott, Animal and Range Sciences, MSU

Patrick Hatfield, Animal and Range Sciences, MSU

Deborah C. Haynes, Health & Human Development, MSU

Mary Hubbard, Earth Sciences, MSU

Kris Johnson, Library, MSU

Coleen R. Kaiser, Health & Human Development, MSU

Margaret T. Konkel, University Studies, MSU

Keith Kothman, School of Music, MSU

Theodore (Theo) Lipfert, School of Film & Photography, MSU

Maureen McCarthy, ACE Fellow, MSU

Sarah Maki, Gallatin College, MSU

Fabian D. Menalled, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, MSU

Kellie Peterson, Attorney, Administration, MSU

Janelle Rasmussen, Office of International Programs, MSU

John W. Sheppard, Computer Science, MSU

Patricia Anne Simpson, Modern Languages and Literatures, MSU

Betsy J. Webb, Human Resources, MSU

Kathryn Will-Dubyak, Education, Health and Human Development, MSU

Binhai Zhu, Computer Science, MSU

DEAL Director

Doralyn Rossmann 
Associate Professor
Head of Digital Library Initiatives, Library

Darrin Boss

Superintendent, Northern Agricultural Research Center
Assistant Research Professor

Galen Brokaw
Department Head
Modern Languages and Literature
College of Letters and Science

Jioanna Carjuzaa
Associate Professor
College of Education, Health and Human Development
Facilitator of Indian Education for All at MSU

Jason Clark
Associate Professor
Team Leader, Digital Access and Web Services

Erica Dungan
Associate Dean
College of Arts and Architecture

Tami Eitle
Assistant Dean
College of Letters and Science

Christine M. Foreman
Associate Dean and Director
College of Engineering
Associate Professor Chemical and Biological Engineering and Center for Biofilm Engineering

Marc Giullian
Accounting Option Coordinator, College of Business
Associate Professor
College of Business

Paul Gore
American Council on Education Fellow

Alison Harmon
Program Director, Food & Nutrition/Sustainable Food Systems
Associate Professor
Department of Health and Human Development
College of Education, Health and Human Development

Laura Humberger
Associate Vice President, Financial Services
Administration & Finance

Penny M. Knoll
Construction Engineering Technology (CET) Program Coordinator
Associate Professor
Civil Engineering
College of Engineering

Rebecca Koltz
Graduate Coordinator Counseling Program
Assistant Professor
Department of Health and Human Development
College of Education, Health and Human Development 

Mary Jane McGarity
Chief Development Officer
MSU Alumni Association

Michele Miley
Director, Writing Center
Department of English 

Daniel A. Miller
Associate Professor
Civil Engineering
College of Engineering

Brendan Mumey
Computer Science
Co-Director of the Appplied Algorithms Lab, Computer Science Department
College of Engineering

Sheila Nielsen-Preiss
Coordinator, Health Professions Advising
Professional/Assistant Research Professor

Ronda Russell
Office of Admissions

Kathy Tanner
MSU Office of Activities and Engagement

DEAL Director

Doralyn Rossmann 
Associate Professor
Head of Digital Library Initiatives, Library

Harry Benham, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Business

Laura J. Black, Associate Professor of Management, College of Business

Kirk Branch, Director of the Yellowstone Writing Project/ Associate Professor, Department of English

Larry Brence, Department Head / Associate Professor, MSU Extension – Eastern Region

Beth Burroughs, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences

Matthew R. Caires, Dean of Students

Lisa Eckert, Director of Graduate Program and Director of the Yellowstone Writing Project/Associate Professor, Department of English

Emily Edwards, 1st Year Seminar Director, University Studies

Janet Heiss Arms, Director of Developmental Education, Gallatin College Programs

Yves Idzerda, Professor, Department of Physics

Steve Juroszek, Interim Director, School of Architecture

Bern Kohler, Interim Department Head, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Frances Lefcort, Professor, Cell Biology & Neuroscience

Marilyn Lockhart, Director of Faculty Development, Office of the Provost

Colleen F. Moore, Department Head, Department of Psychology

Chris Jenkins, Department Head, Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Ron Larsen, Associate Provost

Lisa Scheresky O’Neil, Director of Nursing, Havre, Great Falls and Lewistown

Matthew Rognlie, Information Technology Coordinator, College of Agriculture/Montana Agriculture Experiment Station

Kristin T. Ruppel, Associate Professor, Department of Native American Studies

Sara Rushing, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

Martha Sellers, Associate Director, Hughes Undergraduate Biology

Liz Shanahan, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science                 

Steve Siegelin, Department Head, MSU Extension – Western Region

Jessi L. Smith, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Robert Walker, Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Cathy Whitlock, MSU Director of Interdisciplinary Research Initiatives/Professor, Department of Earth Science

Linda M. Young, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

DEAL Director

Doralyn Rossmann 
Associate Professor
Head of Digital Library Initiatives, Library

Zeb Barber, Interim Director, Spectrum Lab

Camie Bechtold, Associate Director for Student Compliance Services, Athletics

Ken Bowers, Department Head,
Mathematical Sciences

Patricia Catoira, Chair,
Women's and Gender Studies Committee

Mary Cloninger, Associate Professor,
Chemistry & Biochemistry

Susan Dana, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Business

Angela Des Jardins, Director, Montana Space Grant Consortium

David Dickensheets, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Diane Donnelly, Interim Director, University Studies

Jayne Downey, Department Head, Education

Glenn Duff, Department Head, Animal and Range Sciences

Brett Gunnink, Department Head, Civil Engineering

Shelly Hogan, Director, McNair Scholars Program

Bridget Kevane, Department Chair, Modern Languages and Literatures

David Klumpar, Director, Space Science and Engineering Laboratory

Marvin Lansverk, Chair, Faculty Senate

Rick Lawrence, Director, Spatial Sciences Center

Greg Notess, Reference Team Leader, Library

Adele Pittendrigh, Associate Dean, College of Letters and Science

Glenn Puffer, Associate Dean of Students, Division of Student Success

Susan Raph, Campus Director, College of Nursing-Great Falls Campus

Michael Reidy, Director of Graduate Studies, History & Philosophy

Joseph Shaw, Director, Optical Technology Center

Jane Shelby, Executive Director, Health Sciences

Martin Teintze, Interim Director, WWAMI

DEAL Director

Doralyn Rossmann 
Associate Professor
Head of Digital Library Initiatives, Library

Jeff Adams, Assistant Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education

Robert Arnold, Director,
School of Film and Photography

Randy Babbitt. Director,
Spectrum Lab

Terry Beaubois, Director,
Creative Research Lab

Scott Bryant, Director,
Center for Entrepreneurship        

Anne Camper, Associate Dean,
College of Engineering

David Cherry, Director, Liberal and American Studies Programs

Suzanne Christopher, Director, Center for Native Health Partnerships

Chris Fastnow, Associate Director, Office of Planning and Analysis

Vaughan Judge, Director, School of Art

Linda Karell, Chair, Department of English

Elizabeth Kinion, Campus Director, College of Nursing

Ilse-Mari Lee, Director, Honors Program

Rob Maher, Head, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Bret Olson, Interim Head, Animal and Range Sciences

John Paxton, Head, Computer Science

Fatih Rifki, Director, School of Architecture

Brian Rossmann, Associate Dean, Libraries

David Singel, Head, Department of Chemistry

Dick Smith, Head, Department of Physics

Tracy Sterling, Head, Department of Land Resources & Environmental Sciences

Wendy Stock, Head, Department of Agricultural Economics & Economics

Ruth Striegel-Moore, Head, Department of Psychology

Brett Walker, Head, Department of History and Philosophy

Melody Zajdel, Associate Dean, College of Letters and Science

DEAL Directors

Doralyn Rossmann
Associate Professor
Head of Digital Library Initiatives, Library

Paula Lutz
College of Letters and Science

Jill Thorngren
Assistant Dean
College of Education, Health & Human Development