The MSU Faculty Handbook (Handbook) contains certain policies and procedures specifically related to tenurable faculty, unless otherwise noted, employed by Montana State University. The official Faculty Handbook is published online under MSU Policies and Procedures.

We encourage you to go through all aspects of the handbook, but here are some key things to get you started:

Faculty Responsibilities

Annual Review

Retention, Tenure, and Promotion - Role and Scope Documents

Faculty Workload

Faculty Benefits and Leaves

Collective Bargaining Agreement Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Between Associated Faculty of Montana State University [Non Tenure Track Faculty] and the Montana University System.

Course Evaluations

MSU uses the Campus Labs electronic rating-of-courses system and the IDEA course evaluation instrument.  IDEA is a non-profit organization and provides many resources to help faculty improve teaching and learning. 

Faculty Information tool

Montana State University collects information for faculty annual reviews, annual reports, discipline-specific accreditation documents and other reports and publications through Activity Insight, a web-based product created and hosted by Digital Measures. The system will be able to produce faculty annual review documents, NSF and NIH Biographical Sketches, CVs, pre-defined custom reports, ad hoc reports, and documentation to support P&T dossiers in real time based on the information uploaded, entered, and curated in the database.