Fall 2017, 2018

CFE Learning Outcomes: Scholarship/Creativity

  • Securing internal and external funding to support scholarly/creative work,
  • Connecting to outreach and service opportunities that support scholarly/creative success,
  • Developing relationships to promote research and scholarly/creative excellence, and encourage collaboration across disciplines.

Session 1: Starting the Process || Thursday, September 20
Overview of the Workshop, Introductions and working groups, Reading your Request for Applications (RFAs), Writing Your Proposal Summary, Agency Specific Discussions

Session 2: Designing Your Project || Thursday, September 27
Specific Aims/Objectives, Communicating with your Program Officer, Convincing reviewers to support you, Peer Feedback Session – Project Summaries     

Session 3: Writing Your Story || Thursday, October  4
Understanding the Review Process, Graphical Abstracts, Telling your Story, Peer Feedback Session – Biosketches and Facilities

Session 4: Assembling Your Team || Thursday, October  11
Who is your team?, MSU Research Network, NSF Broader Impacts and Outreach, Collaborating with Others: Managing the grant-writing process, Peer Feedback Session- Graphical Abstracts/Introduction

Session 5: Submitting Your Proposal || Thursday, October  18
Introduction to the Office of Sponsored Programs, Budget Basics, Expert Feedback Session – Project Summary and first 3-5 pages of the proposal