Beginning 2020 spring semester, MSU University Health Partners will no longer be providing students with medical excuse documentation (“doctor’s notes”) as part of their commitment to maintain patient confidentiality, encourage more appropriate use of health care resources, and support meaningful dialogue between faculty and students.

Language in Course Syllabi should be checked and adjusted to accommodate this change.  Some suggestions are provided below for incorporating supportive language about how students may make up missed course work to succeed in your class in the event of absences. In particular, we encourage that you explcitlyy state that proof of illness is not required since UHP will no longer provide excuse documentation.

Example 1:

Missed exams: Any conflicts with an exam must be discussed with me prior to missing the exam. I follow University policy on makeups, which allows that serious illness or a serious family emergency are valid reasons requiring an accommodation. Most other reasons (employment conflict, travel plans) are not valid. 

In the event of contagious illness, please do not come to class or to campus to turn in work. You should email me if you will miss class due to illness as soon as practical.

Example 2:

ATTENDANCE:  You are all in this together and each of you is an integral part of this class. Learn from each other. While you are in school you have an obligation to your peers to participate fully in class and in the program. Get to know one another and help each other. It is mandatory you attend the entire class period. It is imperative you attend every class, but sometimes illness and other emergencies will force you to miss class. Please contact me as soon as practical so you can stay on track. If you miss more than 20% or more of the course there may be grade implications and you may fail the course.

Example 3:

Attendance: Class participation and active learning are important aspects of this class and impossible to duplicate outside of class, so your attendance is critical to your success. However, students must sometimes miss examinations or other academic obligations affecting their grades because of illness, personal crises, mandated court appearances, and other emergencies.  As long as such absences are not excessive, I will work with you as best I can to help you succeed in the course. Please contact me as soon as possible when such absences arise so we can make arrangements to get you caught up. This policy will not apply in the case on non-emergency absences.

If you will be absent for a university-sponsored activity, please alert me ahead of time so we can make arrangements for any work you will miss.

Other examples and options: