The Rehabilitation Act (1973), the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) and its Amendments Act (2008) are the governing pieces of legislation that protect students with disabilities in postsecondary education. The intent of these laws is nondiscrimination. Institutions are required to provide appropriate academic adjustments as necessary to ensure a disabled student's equal educational access.

At Montana State University, the first step at the Office of Disability Services (ODS) is to determine if a student is eligible for accommodations based on a documented disability. Current definition of a disability is a significant limitation in one or more life areas. Appropriate academic adjustments are determined during an individual, interactive process between the student and a ODS staff member. Adjustments, such as extended testing time or note taking assistance, must address the student's limitations in an academic setting. In providing an academic adjustment, the university is not required to lower or substantially modify essential requirements for a course or program of study.

Specific questions may be directed to the Office of Disability Services via email ([email protected]) or call 406-994-2824.

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If you are a student with a disability and wish to use your approved accommodations for this course, please contact me during my office hours to discuss. Please have your Accommodation Notification or Blue Card available for verification of accommodations.  Accommodations are approved through the Office of Disability Services located in SUB 174. Please see Disability Services for more information by clicking here.

Please note: Weather-related conditions often impact a student’s ability to navigate sidewalks on campus and such situations may impede their ability to arrive to class on-time, or in some cases, at all.  We hope your attendance policy will take such situations into consideration.