This page is your resource for links, papers, and other information about teaching and learning strategies for active and collaborative learning environments. These environments are often referred to as TEAL (Technology Enhanced Active Learning), ALC (Active Learning Classroom) or SCALE-UP (Student-Centered Active Learning Environment with Upside-down Pedagogies) classrooms.

Introduction to the TEAL classrooms from Professor Bill McLaughlin (click on the title to open the video)

Resources Shared with MSU TEAL Pilot instructors
(Note that some of these may be duplicated below under the specific institution where they came from)

Resources from Scale-Up / North Carolina State

  • “Scale-up” program
    ("The purpose of this website is to share designs for state-of-the-art learning studios, teaching methods, and instructional materials that are based on more than a decade of discipline-based education research")
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Resources from MIT

  • Resources from the University of Minnesota