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Final Field Experience Performance Assessment

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Student Teaching
K-8 (elementary)
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K-12 (music, art, health enhancement, modern languages)

Not Scored
Value = NS

Below Expectations
Value = 1
Performance below expected level or expected but absent
Meets Expectations
Value = 2
Performance observed at expected level
Exceeds Expectations
Value = 3
Performance exceeds criteria defined by indicators of expected behaviors
Content The Teacher Candidate creates learning experiences that make content meaningful for students.
Demonstrates understanding of the central concepts and structures of the discipline

Creates experiences that allow students' to develop their own understanding
Implements learning experiences aligned with content standards
Creates learning experiences that are purposeful, appropriate and relevant to learners
The Teacher Candidate demonstrates the ability to create positive learning environments to promote the academic success of all students in a culturally responsive manner.
Fosters a learning environment that supports/encourages social and academic success for all students
The instruction demonstrates an awareness of students' developmental needs
Incorporates Indian Education for All into instruction
Connects content to students' personal, family and/or community experiences
Adapts instruction to accommodate for diversity in a culturally responsive manner
The Teacher Candidate uses a variety of instructional and communication strategies.
Differentiates instructional strategies to encourage the development of conceptual understanding
Incorporates student motivation for learning
Incorporates higher order thinking or problem solving skills when teaching
Incorporates teaching strategies to strengthen students' 21st century skills
Employs effective communication techniques to enhance the development of student understanding
Integrates media and learning technologies to support instruction and student learning
Uses a variety of classroom management techniques to promote a positive learning environment
Assessment The Teacher Candidate aligns planning, teaching/learning and assessment.
Uses a variety of assessment strategies that are appropriate for the learning outcomes being evaluated
Uses assessment strategies to monitor student progress to modify teaching and learning strategies
Provides students with descriptive feedback
Assessment strategies are aligned with students' developmental needs
Professionalism The Teacher Candidate engages in reflective practice to improve teaching and learning.
Reflects on content to improve teaching and student learning
Reflects on diversity to improve teaching and student learning
Reflects on pedagogy to improve teaching and student learning
Reflects on assessments to improve teaching and student learning
Reflects and identifies areas for future professional growth
Reflects on personal biases
 Reflects on the lesson's connection to students' personal, social and cultural experiences


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Where do my observation notes go?
Use your notes to assist you as you fill out this form. The notes themselves are to go to the Teacher Candidate and will be part of the Teacher Work Sample appendix.