Featured Peer-Reviewed Publications (Selected from over 100 publications)

Ahmed, S.; Downs, S.; Fanzo, J. 2019. Advancing an Integrative Framework to Evaluate Sustainability in National Dietary Guidelines. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 3:76. (DOI https://doi.org/10.3389/fsufs.2019.00076)

Ahmed, S.; Stepp, J.R. 2016. Beyond Yields: Climate Effects on Specialty Crop Quality and Agroecological Management. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene (Forum on New Pathways to Sustainability in Agroecological Systems). 4: 000092

Ahmed, S.; Peters, C.M.; Chunlin, L.; Meyer, R.; Unachukwu, U.; Litt, A.; Kennelly, E.; Stepp, J.R. 2013. Biodiversity and Phytochemical Quality in Indigenous and State-Supported Tea Management Systems of Yunnan, China. Conservation Letters. 5 (6): 28-3

Byker Shanks C, Weinmann E, Holder J, McCormick M, Parks CA, Vanderwood K, Coburn C, Johnson N, Yaroch AL. The UnProcessed Pantry Project framework to address nutrition in the emergency food system. American Journal of Public Health. 2019.

Haack S, Byker C. Recent population adherence to and knowledge of United States federal dietary guidance 1992-2013: A systematic review. Nutrition Reviews. 2014; 72(1): 613-626.

Herforth, A.; Ahmed, S. 2015. The Food Environment, Its Effects on Dietary Consumption, and Potential for Measurement Within Agriculture-Nutrition Interventions. Food Security 7(3): 505-52.

Stoy, P.C.; Ahmed, S., Jarchow, M.; Rashford, B.; Swanson, D.; Albeke, S.; Bromley, G.; Brookshire, E.N.J.; Dixon, M.; Haggerty, J.; Miller, P.; Peyton, B.; Royem, A,; Spangler, L.; Straub, C.; Poulter, B. 2018. Opportunities and Tradeoffs Among BECCS and the Food, Water, Energy, Biodiversity, and Social Systems Nexus at Regional Scales. BioScience bix145 (DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/biosci/bix145)

Svisco E, Byker Shanks C, Ahmed S, Bark K. Variation of adolescent snack food choices and preferences along a continuum of processing levels: The case of apples. Foods. 2019

Select General Audience Publications

Ahmed, S.; DuVal, A.; Meyer, R. 2019. Botany at the Bar: The Art and Science of Making Bitters. Leaping Hare Press, The Quarto Group, London, UK

Ahmed, S. 2018. The Taste of Climate Change: Sustainability Lessons from Farmers of Tea Agroforests. 25 Magazine, Issue 4

Ahmed, S.; Byker Shanks, C. 2017. The Food and Health Lab Challenge You to Mindfully Meet the Food Waste Challenge. FoodTank.com

Byker Shanks, C.; Ahmed, S. 2018. New Study Reveals Nutritional Quality and Limitations of the Proposed America’s Harvest Box. FoodTank.com (Op-Ed)

Byker Shanks, C.; Bass, T. M.; Schumacher, J. B. (2019). Montana’s Beef-to-School Project: Making Connections to Enhance Local Agriculture. In Institutions as Conscious Food Consumers (pp. 195-218). Academic Press.

Freeman, M; Ahmed, S. 2011. Tea Horse Road: China’s Ancient Trade Road to Tibet. River Books Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand. (Large format book; 340 pages; 1.6 x 11.9 x 11.8 inches; 6.3 pounds)

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