We work with businesses on developing value-added food products including extruded products. We can assist our partners to ideate, develop, test, or reformulate prototypes. Interested? Contact us at to discuss your ideas: [email protected].


woman looking through microscope

Nutrition panel and product label

Microbial testing*


Function ingredients/allergen testing

Product development

lentil puffs


Recipe and prototype development/testing

Sensory tests and market analysis

Quality control

someone pipetting a liquid into test tubes in lab


Viscosity/texture analysis


Water activity

Moisture content

* Testing using certified labs


Food Extrusion Unit

Grad student Edwin Allan giving a tour of the MSU Food Extrusion Unit

Our researchers work with food companies to develop extruded products such as puffed snacks, breakfast cereals, pasta, and plant-based meat analogues. We specialize in recipe formulation and product analyzation. P.C. MSU Communications.
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Hannon Hall Lab

woman pipetting liquid into test tube

Our lab features equipment such as a texture analyzer, moisture analyzer, viscometer, fluorometer, and software to create, administer, and analyze survey data, generate nutrition fact labels, and create reports.
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Hannon Hall Kitchen

students making lentil crackers in Hannon Kitchen

Hannon Kitchen provides a space where our researchers can create recipes in an environment equivalent to a commercial product development kitchen.
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nutraCoster nutrition software

nutrition labels

A tool to generate nutrition fact labels in accordance with FDA guidelines. The software can also perform product cost analysis. Go to site


Compusense logo

A world-renowned sensory testing platform for performing consumer testing, descriptive analysis testing and quality testing on products. Go to site


woman taking a survey on a smartphone

Used to create and administer surveys to help recruit participants, learn the needs and challenges of stakeholders, conduct market analysis to help advise the direction for future studies. Go to site

XLSTAT by Addinsoft


An Excel add-on feature to analyze sensory data, create visual reports that are easy to interpret and process. Go to site