MSU's GEAR UP program is dedicated to providing support and services to first-year students from Montana's GEAR UP schools.

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Smart Start

GEAR UP MSU and TRIO Student Support Services provide a Smart Start Welcome Program for new and incoming TRIO and GEAR UP first-year students. This will include access to early move-in, personalized information on MSU programs specific to GEAR UP and TRIO students as well as some outdoor recreational activities. RSVP in CatsConnect!


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The Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success provides GEAR UP students here at MSU a unique priviledge of qualifying for free tutoring through MSU's SmartyCats Tutoring program. Click here to learn more about SmartyCats! AYCSS also provides free Financial Coaching through GEAR UP to help them navigate the new financial responsibilities that secondary education. Click here to learn more about their office!


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Book Borrowing Program

The book borrowing program through GEAR UP MSU is a program where GEAR UP students will be elligible to request their semeseter required textbooks through our office. These books will be able to be checked out through our office.  Click here to fill out the application now! 

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School Supplies

At the beginning of each academic school year, our GEAR UP office provides a backpack full of basic school supplies to help offset some of the costs of materials first-year students will need in their new academic experience. All leftover supplies will be kept in stock in our office to help you replenish supplies throughout the semester. 

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Family Support 

The GEAR UP MSU office wants to encourage parents to support their college student throughout their first year. To encourage this, GEAR UP MSU offers meal tickets to the dining halls on campus for parents or families to visit their student here on campus. For more information on family resources and support services please visit our Parent and Family Resource page. 


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Partners with TRIO SSS

This year, GEAR UP MSU is partnering with TRIO Student Support Services to provide our first-year students with access to a larger community, more activities, and resources for their success. Many students who are GEAR UP Students most likely qualify to be a TRIO scholar as well. For more information on TRIO or to find out if you could qulaify to be a TRIO scholar visit the MSU TRIO website. 


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Orientation Registration

Time has come to sign up for mandatory New Student Orientation at MSU, and all GEAR UP students are eligible to have the registration fees for themselves and their families covered by GEAR UP MSU. Registration covers the costs of all meals and lodging during the 2 1/2-day event! However, orientation registration is different for GEAR UP students, and it is important to follow the correct steps to ensure GEAR UP can cover the cost of students and familiesto attend. Click here to fill out the fee waver.

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Tailored Student Support

The GEAR UP MSU office staff value each and every relationship that we have with our GEAR UP students. This includes current cohort students, past students, and potential students! We will be providing a monthly newsletter for all GEAR UP Students that will have information on office announcements, campus events, highlights of past activities, and information on opportunities for our students. Our office is open for drop-in meetings or you can email [email protected] to set up a date and time, or to let us know how we can help you more.