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Next Graduate Fair:
October 2021


MSU Graduate School Virtual Graduate Fairs are a great way to engage directly with faculty and graduate coordinators representing the particular field of interest to you. The free, virtual event typically features most of the graduate programs at MSU in individualized, live, WebEx Meeting rooms.  You will be listening to their research and have opportunities to engage in the discussion. The platform is one that most of you have navigated, but if not, please see this link to learn more tips on using WebEx (very similar to other platforms, such as Zoom). 

When the fair is announced, you will see a detailed schedule where you will sign up for each event you want to attend (no limit). Remember, these are not pre-recorded sessions; so once the fair starts, it's important to get onto each WebEx at the start, to not miss anything. Each session will be 50 minutes in length, allowing you time between each session (if you are signing up for back to back events).

Additionally, please note that we have both a special session for International students, as well as a unique General Session geared to general Graduate School questions, such as how to write a statement of purpose, securing the best reference writers, or asking questions about residency or financial aid. Dean Ogilvie and the entire admissions staff will be ready to help answer all questions during this session.

We look forward to our next Virtual Graduate Recruitment Fair; we hope you can join! If you have questions, feel free to contact the Graduate School: [email protected]

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