Thank you for joining us for Kindness in Graduate Education Week 2021! We appreciated being able to give space to those who are kind in their everyday lives.

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Kindness in Graduate Education Week is February 15-24, 2021

Kindness in Graduate Education Week is a celebration of the acts of kindness that people in graduate education (faculty, staff, and students) experience and achieve throughout their busy lives. This week is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate all the small acts of kindness that occur in our lives.

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Experience Kindness

Experience Kindness

Witness or engage in an act of kindness, both on and off-campus

Share the Kindness

Share the Kindness

Tell us about this act in the form below, such as "I picked up litter today" or "My colleague brought in a sweet treat"

Celebrate Kindness

Celebrate Kindness

Celebrate with us Feb 15-24, 2021 here and on social media with #MSUKindness

Celebrate Acts of Kindness!

Here are some acts we celebrated in 2021!

A professor went to the doorstep of every student in his group to deliver homemade dessert for Thanksgiving.

A graduate wellness champion advocated for colleagues to help them figure out effective health care.

My lab mates support me through every stage of research development, editing and brainstorming even when i am running late. I could not do it without their support.

A PhD student organized a hyalite ski day for our department!!

A grad student who lives across the way, during a blisteringly cold day, came over to help me clear the snow and ice from my car. It's not the first time he has gone out of his way to help me.

My fellow grad student friend offered to review a long, and undoubtedly very boring essay and provide feedback for me. Thanks friend!