We thank you for taking the time to investigate our internship program. Without you supporting, teaching, and mentoring our students we would not be able to have this unique experience as part of our program. On this page you will find information about our students, the HHP internship program, and answers to frequently asked questions. 

Our Students:

Students in an HHP internship are in the Health and Human Performance degree program at Montana State University. In the HHP program there are 2 different 4-year tracks for students, Kinesiology and Exercise Science. Here is a link to the MSU course catalog for HHP Majors.

KIN 498: Internship:

 The goal of this course is to allow students the opportunity to learn in a non-classroom setting while applying (either actively or passively) the knowledge they have gained through course work thus far, to what they are observing or doing at an internship site. The site supervisor decides what tasks are appropriate for the intern and what the requirements are prior to starting the internship. 

Students typically try to spread out their internship hours across 15 weeks. However, some sites might require students to be there for a larger amount of hours per week and depending on the number of credits a student enrolls for and the number of hours they spend at the internship site, will need less than 15 weeks to fulfill their time requirements for MSU. 


Students that are in the Health and Human Performance program want to go into many different athletic and medical professions. Students will be in 1 of 2 different option areas, Kinesiology OR Exercise Science (see 4 year plans). 

Typically, students who enroll are in KIN 498 are entering or finishing their senior year at Montana State University. However, we are starting to encourage juniors wanting to go straight into graduate school to enroll in KIN 498 to ensure they meet all of the entrance requirements on time. It is very rare that a sophomore will enroll in KIN 498. Students are encouraged to have completed at least KIN 322: Kinesiology and sophomores following the traditional 4 year plan will not have completed that course by the end of their sophomore year. 

Most students will use the typical 15 week semester schedule to fulfill the time requirements of the course. However, they could complete their MSU required hours in as little as 1-2 depending on the semester. 

Currently, students need to have their goals, schedule, and final contract signed and approved by the site supervisor before they can begin their internship. At the end of the semester site supervisors are asked to give feedback on the student via an online survey or written letter. 

A few months before the semester begins the internship coordinator will contact site supervisors to see if they are willing to host certain students for the upcoming semester. After agreeing to host a student, it is up to the site whether they would like to contact the student or have the student follow-up with them directly. 

Note: No students should be making contact with the site supervisor initially. 

We are always looking for new internship site partners. We encourage potential site supervisors to contact Hilary Becker directly.