Beginning May 7, as MSU begins to gradually resume normal operations, the university is requiring students, faculty, staff and visitors to wear non-medical face masks or face coverings in circumstances where 6-foot physical distancing is impractical. The university is also strongly encouraging the use of masks or face coverings at all times throughout the work day. Read President Cruzado's full announcement here.

Upon request to a unit supervisor, the university will provide one non-medical face mask to each employee who returns to campus. This mask is to supplement an employee's own mask or face covering. Masks will be distributed through department and unit supervisors.

Usage instructions

Below, you can review instructions from MSU Safety and Risk Management for putting on and removing masks, as well as print posters showing the instructions.

Laundering cloth masks

Please note, the CDC advises washing cloth face coverings routinely, depending on their frequency of use. Laundering instructions will depend upon the cloth used to make the face covering. Running your face covering through a washing machine should suffice to properly clean it, but in general, clean your covering with water and a mild detergent, dry it completely in a hot dryer and store in a clean container or bag for use.