Important: UHP - Clinical Lab is still open and available by appointment. Please call ahead to verify that you have lab orders ready, to get scheduled for an appointment, and to receive instructions about how to enter the clinic for labs. We can be reached at 406-994-2311. 

UHP Medical Services has a clinical laboratory available to students who have paid the health service fee. The laboratory conducts most common testing in-house. Tests not performed at MSU are sent to a reference lab. There is a fee for all lab tests.

Please note:

  • Tests for ABO/Rh (bloodtype), cholesterol, and rubella do not require a clinician's order.
  • Tests for most other conditions, including HIV, require a clinician's order.
  • Orders may be taken from health care providers outside the UHP Medical Services.
  • No blood draws on Wednesdays from 8AM-9AM.