Living Learning Communities

For many incoming freshmen, the transition from an intimate high school setting to a university environment can be a daunting task. With the goal of easing this transition, the Residence Life Department at Montana State University has established Living Learning Communities within the residence halls. The reason for establishing Living Learning Communities is so that residents of these floors have a smoother transition to university life and to help them achieve greater academic success.

A Living Learning Community is for students interested in being around others with similar academic interests. Rather than finding their way through class projects, research papers, and exams alone, students become part of a close community of students who are experiencing similar educational challenges and transitional issues. When you live in a Living Learning Community you:

  • Live with 30-50 students with similar majors
  • Have great opportunities to make friends and study partners
  • Have access to a peer academic assistance

To find more information about these Living Options webpage.