University Student Housing Solicitation Policy

As of 10/28/2021

University Student Housing Solicitation Request Form

University Student Housing facilities are to be completely free of commercial enterprise and/or personal gain. All forms of door-to-door canvassing and soliciting, whether for commercial, political, or informational purposes, are prohibited. This includes a prohibition against placing promotional materials under or on resident room doors.  Door-to-door solicitation or distribution of materials or information is only permitted by Hall Councils, Facilities, and University Student Housing staff within the parameters of their official duties.

Solicitation of information like surveys, polls, etc. are only permitted by the Hall Council or University Student Housing staff in the performance of their duties.

Any concerns regarding unauthorized door knocking should be directed to your Community Director.

For any campaigning, digital displays, donations, information tables, or other advertising opportunities the following guidelines

Digital and Public Posting Display Guidelines:

  1. Support all University Student Housing, Code of Student Conduct and other University policies.
  2. Can only promote/advertisement registered student organization events, on-campus student resources, on-campus job/internship opportunities, RHA and/or ASMSU elections, or ASMSU/RHA ballot initiatives.
  3. Advertisements making any mention of illegal use of alcohol or drugs, either implied or explicit, will not be approved.


University Student Housing does not permit hanging banners on the outside of residence halls. Any banner displayed will be considered a violation of the policy and will be removed and disposed of. The sponsoring organization will be charged a removal/disposal fee.


Candidates for ASMSU and RHA elections and/or for sponsored ASMSU or RHA ballot issues may request to have an info table in Residence Halls.  Requests should be made at least seen (7) days prior to the date of activity to the Associate Director of University Student Housing.  The maximum time limit for each tabling activity is two hours. Candidates must be accompanied by a resident of the residence hall the entire time at the table. Info table locations have been predetermined for each residence hall. 

As designated by each individual hall council, all candidates for ASMSU and RHA elections must be allowed opportunity for equal time and publicity when speaking, if any candidate is allowed to speak. To speak to the hall council of a residence hall, a candidate must contact the president at least three (3) days in advance of the time wishing to speak to seek approval. A candidate will not be allowed to arrive at a meeting and speak to a group without the hall president’s prior approval.

Digital Displays

Only registered MSU student organizations or candidates for elected office, and MSU Offices and Departments may submit a posting for the digital displays in the living areas of residence halls at MSU. Organizations or candidates submitting an advertisement for the residence hall digital displays submit the advertisement for review by University Student Housing to assure it complies with university policies.

Digital Display Format:

  • JPEG File
  • 1920x1080 pixels
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 11x17 Landscape

Digital Display Submission & Approval Process:

  1. Advertisements must be submitted to University Student Housing at least five (5) business days prior to their event.
  2. Submissions must be emailed as a JPEG to the University Student Housing Office at [email protected].
  3. If approved, the submissions will be distributed by University Student Housing staff.
  4. Advertisements will remain on the digital displays for a maximum of seven (7) days (MSU Departments may request an exception.).


Registered Student Organizations collecting items on behalf of an outside organization for a service opportunity must request permission prior to setting up a collection site. Email [email protected] with the information listed below.  Please submit the request two weeks in advance. 

  • Sponsoring Student Organization
  • Service Opportunity/Collection Agency
  • Items to be collected
  • Approximate size and location for collection site
  • Date for program/collection
  • Proposed advertisements (included a copy)
  • Plan for managing collection of items

Information Tables

MSU University Student Housing and Culinary Services allow Registered Student Organizations and University departments to request a table in the entrances to Miller Dining Commons for the purpose of presenting information to students.


  1. Registered MSU student organizations and University departments must request an information table with University Student Housing Life at least five (5) business days prior to the first day of tabling. University Student Housing reserves the right to deny information table requests that have not been submitted at least five (5) business days prior to the event.
    1. A solicitation form must be submitted for all requests by student organizations and university departments.
    2. Because of the popularity of tabling, and the possibility of multiple organizations wishing to table for the same reasons, tabling for one organization/department cannot occur more than two times per week and no more than a total of six times per semester. University Student Housing and Culinary Services reserves their right to restrict tabling to certain dates during the year.
  2. All requests are subject to approval and scheduled on a “first come, first serve” basis.
  3. Tabling will only be allowed at Miller Dining Hall (North and South entrances). 
  4. Day of Tabling:
    1. All Registered Student Organizations and MSU Department must present the signed request form they received via email to the University Student Housing main office (located underneath Miller Dining Hall) M-F 7:45am-5:00 pm.
    2. Registered groups are expected to provide their own table and chairs. University Student Housing or Culinary Services staff will advise groups on the designated tabling locations.
      1. If tabling will occur during business hours, registered groups can request a table from University Student Housing. If available, the table will be checked out when the group arrives and must be returned before 5pm on the day of tabling. 
    3. The registered group’s name and purpose must be clearly stated and visible to students approaching that table.
    4. Approved groups or individuals are allowed to table no more than four hours per tabling opportunity. Tabling may not start before 8 am and must be completed by 7pm.
    5. Registered Student Organizations and/or MSU Departments are expected to remove any items including trash from the tabling location prior to leave. Items may not be stored overnight. 

The Registered Student Organization or University Department approved for an information table may not:

  1. Require students to stop at their table or physically attempt to stop them.
  2. Require students to give their room, hall or telephone number to receive information or qualify for raffles, drawings, etc. If students willingly give this information, the registered student organization or university department may not provide this information to any other party
  3. Advertise or discuss illegal use of alcohol or drugs with students.
  4. Any approved individual or group must abide by all University policies including University Student Housing community standards and Code of Student Conduct.
  5. Leave their table and approach students in other areas of the dining hall.
  6. Call out to or harass students as they pass the table.
  7. Impede foot traffic through the lobby or create any safety hazard or blocked exit.

Registered student organizations or departments that violate any University policy, and/or submit false information or misrepresentations in their requests and communications with any University personnel or resident, will be prohibited from future activities in any University Housing & Culinary Services areas and any permissions previously granted may be withdrawn.


We will not provide access to student mailboxes or mailing labels to outside groups or organizations for mass mail or flyer distribution. In addition, we will not provide access to student email addresses for the purpose of mass email distribution.

Delivering flyers via mailboxes and sending building, area or campus-wide emails are restricted to University Student Housing staff and staff members must have advance approval from the Communications Team.

Posted Information/Advertising/Community Display Area

Hall Councils are permitted to advertise programs in their halls. The sponsor and posting date must be indicated clearly on materials to be displayed on bulletin boards. The individual planning the program should remove any postings within 48 hours of the program's completion.

Non-residence hall groups may also advertise their events in the residence halls. Any registered student organization or University office that would like to post advertisements in the residence halls may do so by completing a solicitation request form. Any posters approved should be consistent with University policies and meet the guidelines for Digital and Public Postings detailed above. Any concerns raised will be directed to the sponsoring student organization or office. Organizations are responsible for delivering and sorting posters into hall mailboxes. 

Posters or flyers will only be put up our staff on approved bulletin boards or wall spaces. It generally takes five business days for a flyer to move from our main office to its eventual destination.

Non-University groups are not allowed to display any commercial advertisement or promotions within residence halls.

Violations of the University Student Housing Posting Guidelines will subject the sponsoring organization, individual, or department to cover the cost of removal and repair costs for damages resulting from the unauthorized posting.