Below are links and forms that should be helpful with payroll questions. For additional assistance please contact Human Resources at 994-3651.

Payroll Forms

Additional Compensation
Approval to Work Overtime and Comptime
Faculty Union Membership Dues Deduction Form - AFMSU
Payroll Correction Form
Post Retirement Employment Contract
Summer Session 2014 HR FUNdamentals
Summer Session Appointment Form
Summer Session Appointment Procedures
Summer Session Funding Authorization Form
Summer Session Guidelines
Union Dues Payroll Deduction Form

Miscellaneous Payroll Information

FY16 Employer Benefit Contribution Rates
FY15 Employer Benefit Contribution Rates
Available Working Hours per Month 2008-2011
Available Working Hours per Month 2012-2015
Frequently Used Account Codes
Leave Without Pay Request
Mobile Communications Device Request Authorization Form
Payroll Processing Dates (2013)
Position Budget Adjustment Form
Sick Leave Donation
USRA Request Form
USRA Worksheet
Workers Comp Classification



Campus Tools

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