Below are links to forms and web sites to help answer time entry questions. For additional assistance please contact Human Resources at 994-3651.

Reminders and Tips

  • Only enter information into “time entry” fields on days in which work was performed or leave was taken. Do not enter zeros.
  • Approvers:  Please remember to notify your proxy if you will be unavailable to approve time.
  • Faculty members:  Do not input Personal Leave. Bozeman Faculty are to input sick leave or leave without pay only.
  • Email notifications to enter or approver time are sent to all web time entry employees. If you have already entered and/or approved time please disregard this message.

Holiday Calculator

Holiday Calculator


Web Time Entry
Web/Departmental Time Entry For Approvers
Departmental Time Entry
Reconciling Payroll for WDTE

Reference Guides

Employee Quick Reference Guide
Approvers Quick Reference Guide
Proxy Quick Reference Guide

Troubleshooting Guides

Troubleshooting Guide
Approvers Troubleshooting Guide

Campus Tools

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