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Browsers with Javascript enabled are required. Javascript is enabled on all major browsers by default.

IBCOP has been thoroughly tested using the current and previous versions of Chrome on MS Windows 7, MS Windows 8, and Ubuntu 14.04. IBCOP also supports the current and previous versions of Chrome on Mac OSX. Other combinations of Operating System and Browser, such as MS Windows 8 and MS Internet Explorer, may be used with IBCOP. But, IBCOP may not behave as designed. Supported OS/Browser combinations will be expanded as testing continues.

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  • [06/05/2015] IBCOP will be down for maintenace from 10pm on Sunday, June 14th to 4am on Monday, June 15th.
  • [06/04/2015] July 2nd meeting has been changed to July 23rd. The protocol due date for this meeting is July 9th. These changes are reflected in the calendar.
  • [06/04/2015] August 6th meeting has been cancelled. This change is reflected in the calendar


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