Nestled in a rich agricultural basin near the foothills of Tibet, Sichuan Province in China's most populous. Within the mixture of modern cities and rural villages is Chengdu, the provincial capital – home to Western China's best universities and hospitals, and a major site for foreign and domestic investment, including global industry leaders like Microsoft, Boeing and Intel.

Considered one of China’s most prestigious universities, Sichuan University attracts students from around the world. Known for its spicy cuisine and panda reserves, Chengdu offers students an authentic experience of China. Courses include all levels of Mandarin language study and a variety of area studies classes. ISEP's program at Sichuan University is run by Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington.

In the Fall program, a Pacific Lutheran University faculty will serve as the Site Director. It is recommended that ISEP students take Chinese Culture and Society with the PLU students; the 2-credit Western China course is also available and has additional fees to cover the required Study Tour.

In the Spring, on-site support is provided by the Overseas Office through Sichuan University.

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Language of Instruction: English

Host Country Language Courses Offered: Yes

Pre-Session Language: No

Language Prerequisites: None


Minimum Class Elligibility: Sophomore

Minimum GPA: 2.75

Non-MSU student: No


Housing Options: On Campus


Program Type: Fee-BasedISEP Direct

Competitive Program: No

Subjects Available

Chinese Culture Courses Economics History Political Science
  March 15 for the following summer and fall
  September 15 for the following spring