Program Overview

During the NRSG 469 Ecuador Experience, we partner with Timmy Global Health, which is a non-profit organization that provides primary health care to rural peoples of Ecuador.  The communities that Timmy Global serves for our trip will be in the Andean highlands near the city of Latacunga.  Latacunga will serve as a home-base and each morning we will travel by way of bus to various rural villages where we will be setting up clinics, providing health care to residents of these villages, and also screening for the need of specialty services.  

Course Information
Course Objectives:  The student will:
1.   Identify cultural concepts with application to nursing. (IA, B, C) (TO 6, 11)
2.   Complete a cultural assessment of a specific or composite member of the select culture, applying appropriate theoretical models. (IA, B) (TO 10, 11)
3.   Apply cultural precepts of the designated culture to the performance of nursing in the health care setting. (II B, C, D) (TO 2, 5, 8)
4.   Compare and contrast clinical nursing approaches from the designated culture and mainstream Montanan culture. (II D, III) (TO 10)
5.   Identify common health problems of the people of the designated culture. (II A, B, C) (TO 1, 2, 5)
6.   Compare the predominant health care system with the health care system of the designated culture. (II A, III) (TO 7)
7.   Demonstrate sensitivity to the values and beliefs of the culture of study. (II C, D) (TO 6, 11)
8.   Complete a defined project that provides a service to nursing, the clients, or the cultural community under study. (II D3; II D2) (TO 5, 8, 
9.  Students will demonstrate behaviors that are congruent with the MSU Code of Conduct, CON Student Handbook, ANA Code of Ethics, Scope and Standards of Practice, and Social Policy in all related interactions. (II) (TO 6, 11)
Dates Abroad
March 13-22, 2020

While in Ecuador, we will be staying at the Hotel Endamo in Latacunga, a large city roughly one hour from Guangaje (the villages we will be serving during the week). This hotel in near the central plaza in Latacunga, near a small park and plenty of dining options. The rooms are nice and vary from 2-3 people per room. Bedding is provided (sheets, pillowcases, and one heavy blanket). There is one bathroom per room with a shower and toilet in each. Towels are provided. Hot water is also available. 

Breakfast and most dinners will be provided by the hotel. Lunches will be provided by the villages we are working with during our clinic days.  There will be no additional cost for meals, but bringing additional snacks is recommended. 

Program Fee
$1,858 not including airfare

Eligibility Requirements
Students must be in current good standing with the College of Nursing with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and are required to undergo a brief interview.  Dean of Student's Disciplinary Clearance

Faculty Leader Information
Paul Krogue, 
Clinical Assistant Professor, MSU College of Nursing
Application Deadline: October 7, 2019  Decision date:  October 14, 2019

  • APPLY ONLINE HERE through My Global Connection.  A complete application includes: 
      • $300 Faculty Led Application Fee
      • Official Transcript
      • Acknowledgement of Faculty Led Participation and Pre-Departure Requirements
      • Additional Application Information
      • Faculty Led Application Short Essay
      • FERPA Information
      • Health History Form
      • Passport Information
      • Complete an interview with the Faculty Leader 
      • Upon program acceptance, confirm participation and complete Post-Acceptance Application Materials in My Global Connection

      Please contact Wendy Rivers, Faculty Led Coordinator

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Language of Instruction: English


Minimum GPA: 3


Housing Options: Lodgings


Program Type: Faculty Led

Subjects Available