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The New MSU Phone System - Unified Communications project will replace MSU’s existing legacy phone system, providing upgraded capabilities on a communication platform (VoIP) where your phone runs on the MSU computer network and is, in fact, a computer itself. 

To do this MSU UIT has focused resources on its modern data network to make communications of any kind as reliable as possible. Focusing on one network instead of two reduces costs for the University and allows for a more robust data and voice network experience. This new technology brings a whole new level of functionality in communications such ascall center, phone applications, streaming video, and many others.

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 Teams Involved

UIT - Network Services • User Services • Systems • Operations • Security • Embedded IT

Responsible Accountable Consult Inform
  • Joseph Van Court
  • Michael Bartholic
  • James Stipp
  • Cindy Tirrell
  • Tyler Deutschmann
  • Trey Shipman
  • Joseph Van Court
  • IT Community
  • Building Supervisors
  • Facilities
  • Wiring
  • Customers
  • IT Community


Relationship to MSU Strategic Plan

Objective 5.3 (Stewardship) – Allocating best use of resources to align with university goals.


MSU’s new phone system allows greater flexibility and ease of use including the ability to move your own phone as needed, automatic voicemail to email, and the option to run your phone as an application on your desktop, smartphone or tablet. For MSU departments using call center functions there are significant improvements to reporting and call routing features allowing improved efficiency and customer support. Supporting a single network instead of separate voice and data networks will provide cost-savings as well as improved support and administration.

 2020 June 30 Taylor Hall

 2020 June 30 Tietz Hall

 2020 July 1 KUSM

 2020 July 1 VCB/ Black Box

 2020 July 7 Fieldhouse


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Please send feedback and questions to:

Joseph Van Court, Sr. Network Manager
[email protected]406-994-4981