Pre-made, easy-to-tailor leadership trainings built for YOU. Let the MSU Leadership Institute help you to transform your student organization. 


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At the Drop of a Hat: On-Demand Trainings to Transform Your Student Organization is a series of trainings for student organizations, from which you can pick and choose which areas need support in your organization. The trainings are pre-made, easy-to-tailor, and can be delivered by any of our Student Associates. These newly developed trainings provide greater accessibility, faster support, and will create longer-term relationships with YOUR organization to empower your leadership and success.

We offer trainings in these areas, organized into the four areas of skill building we most often work on with student organizations:

  • Culture Development
    • Building Empowering Organizations
    • 6 Strategies for Motivating Engagement
    • Importance of Celebration
  • Operations
    • Building Sustainable Structure & Ensuring Successful Transitions
    • How to Design an Event
    • Running Effective Meetings and Keeping Your Team Organized
  • Recruitment & Retention
    • Marketing Your Student Organization
    • Recruitment & Retention Basics
    • Using the WHY for Recruitment & Retention
  • Marketing Personal & Professional Skills
    • Networking and the Power of LinkedIn
  • Or if you just want support for your organization!

If you want to develop skills in any of these areas, or simply want to consult with the Leadership Institute, fill out the form below!

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If you have any questions, please contact Senior Associate Preston Holmgren at [email protected]