MSU Changemakersworks to mentor students in transforming their passionate ideas into actions that initiate positive change.

 MSU Changemakers

Take your next step towards making your grand ideas become a reality by applying to MSU Changemakers and receive flexible mentorship and financial support. The dedicated staff at The MSU Leadership Institute will work one-on-one with applicants to help jumpstart their dreams of launching programs, workshops, and events (to name a few) that will serve our community and the world. The MSU Leadership Institute provides this program free of charge for students thanks to funding provided by ASMSU.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

Project Mentorship

The goal of MSU Changemakers is to launch a student’s vision into reality. The MSU Leadership Institute will invest resources to assist in the creation process and provide a mentor who will guide the student through the implementation.

  • Student is assigned a staff mentor

  • Staff mentor and student work together to identify the vision of the student

  • Staff mentor guides student through building the vision into a tangible group, organization, program, or entity

  • MSU Leadership Institute may choose, based upon a formal request, to invest up to $1000 in startup resources

Program Details

Requirements Goals

Students are able to work one-on-one with the Leadership Institute staff to think big and create an action plan for how to kickstart positive, sustainable change. Students will also have the opportunity to receive up to $1000 in funding as well as support in marketing their idea.


Students commits to:
Between 5 and 15 meetings, dependent on project details and goals
Mentorship Period:
Until project completion, up to 2 semesters

The Leadership Institute wants to ensure the best possible experience for participants. Students who are accepted into this program can expect the following out of their MSU Changemakers experience.

  • Create a sustainable action plan to move forward with an idea
  • Create positive changes on campus and in our community
  • Learn effective marketing strategies
  • Gain valuable individual and group leadership experience


How to Apply

Apply If you are ready to be an MSU Changemaker! Once applications are reviewed, the MSU Leadership Institute will contact applicants to notify them of their application status.

Additional Information

All ideas are welcomed for consideration; however, MSU Changemakerswill NOT take on for-profit business ideas. Such applications will immediately be referred to the MSU Blackstone Launchpad, an organization on campus that specializes in business start-up and development.

If you are interested in applying, but are unsure of your eligibility or level of commitment, please email [email protected] with your questions or stop by SUB 187 to chat with us. We would love to answer any questions you may have.

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