Yves Idzerda

“The College of Letters & Science is committed to the belief that diversity, equity and inclusion are foundational to our success. As your Dean, I believe that the diversity within the College is our greatest strength. Research makes clear that diversity benefits all, from the biodiversity of our lands to the many identities, cultures, and experiences of our peoples. Diversity enhances and enriches our lives and contributes to our understanding of the world we live in. Our belief in the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion guide us as we move our College forward, acting as the connective tissue of our different fields, identities, and cultures.

I have called the CLS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee to lead our college in enhancing and sustaining our efforts to strengthen the diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment of the College. As your Dean, I commit to supporting, recruiting, and hiring for diversity; to providing the resources for designing and strengthening curricula to include diverse experiences and perspectives; to supporting best practices for professional development; and to regular communication with you about our initiatives and your experiences. We welcome you to join us in our commitment to celebrating, cultivating, and supporting the diversity within our College.”

-Yves Idzerda, Dean of the College of Letters & Science