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Freshman Scholarship Application

By completing this application, you will be considered for departmental / college-based scholarships that are available to incoming freshman in the fall.

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Personal Information
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High School Information

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Family Alumni
Is a member of your immediate family an alumnus of MSU-Bozeman?
College Choice / Intended Major
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Race / Ethnic Background
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Citizenship / Residency
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Financial Aid Information
Will you be submitting a FAFSA to be considered for financial aid?
Class Ranking
Will you be submitting your official college transcript(s) to the Dean's
Office of Letters and Science (address is listed on the left hand column of the top of
this screen) by the deadline?
Please note that a lack of transcript equates to an incomplete application.
ACT and / or SAT Scores
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ACT Scores



Identify and describe briefly in the spaces below up to four elected or appointed leadership positions you have held. (e.g., student council member, class officer, club or organization officer, etc.)

Awards and Honors

Identify and describe briefly in the spaces below up to five awards or honors you have received. (e.g., academic, achievement, all-state contest, etc.)


Identify and describe briefly in the spaces below up to five activities in which you have been involved. (e.g., organization support, community service work, recreation/athletics, fine arts, special interest groups, etc.)

Advanced Placement and/or College Courses

List any Advanced Placement (AP) or college courses you have taken or are taking in high school.


Federal regulations require MSU to obtain written permission from the awardee for release of academic and biographical information to the scholarship donor and/or the news media. By submitting this form, you agree that relevant information may be released.

Further, you also confirm the accuracy of all the above information and understand that any false or misleading statements may invalidate your application.