AY 2013-2014 Speakers


Date Department Speaker Details
9/25/13 Political Science Marcia Coyle, Chief Washington Correspondent, The National Law Journal More information
10/11/13 Cell Biology & Neuroscience Deborah Levy, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School More information
10/29/13 History & Philosophy Darden Asbury Pyron, Professor of History, Florida International University More information


Native American Studies

Julie Cajune, Executive Director, Center for American Indian Policy and Applied Research at Salish Kootenai College

More information


Agricultural Economics & Economics Lance Lochner, Department of Economics, Western University, Ontario More information
3/20/14 Modern Languages & Literatures José F.A. Oliver, German-Spanish writer More information
3/24/14 Chemistry & Biochemistry Paul A. Wender, Bergstrom Professor of Chemistry, Stanford University More information
3/27/14 English Stephen Tatum, Professor of English, University of Utah More information
3/31/14 Psychology Jason Watson, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Utah More information
4/5/14 Physics Michelle Larson, President and CEO, Adler Planetarium in Chicago More information
5/12/14 Mathematical Sciences Sybilla Beckmann, Department of Mathematics, University of Georgia More information