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A popular form of mass entertainment, global cinema helps build a cross-cultural network of understanding. Film has long been understood as a vehicle for intercultural communication that allows us to cross borders and gain valuable insight into the human condition.

Studying global cinema is the study of aesthetics, techniques, contexts, perceptions and narratives that contribute to interpretations of the mythologies and realities that make up the stories we tell and how we tell them. More than a mere reflection of sociocultural, regional or national frameworks, global cinema offers a multiplicity of styles and stories that help us examine, interpret and evaluate perspectives.

The focus of this course is to offer an overview of contemporary global cinema to explore the intersection of techniques, aesthetics, themes, theories and ideas to identify the greater significance of aesthetic influences.
Film presents a sociocultural crossroad between technique, narrative style, genre and perspective to communicate an aesthetic to the world. How do we analyze a film based on technique? How do we evaluate the intercultural communication of a film? What criteria are necessary to formulate a critique? What can we learn about other cultures through visual texts?


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Nina Schweppe 


University Seminar and sophomore standing.


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Required Books/Materials

Nichols, Bill. Engaging Cinema: An Introduction to Film Studies. 

 ISBN: 9780393934915

Corrigan, Timothy. The Film Experience.
ISBN: 9781319059514
Barsam, Richard. Looking at Movies: An Introduction to Film.
ISBN: 9780393674699
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For course information: Please contact Nina Schweppe

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