Spring 2021 Project Titles

{Complete Project Descriptions are listed on the Capstone 1 D2L Page, under CONTENT}

The modern engineering work environment requires planning and teamwork to ensure project success. Our capstone projects reflect this reality with heavy emphasis on teamwork and interdisciplinary efforts. A productive team capitalizes on the diverse strengths of its members to achieve a superior project result. Whether single-discipline or multi-disciplinary in makeup, each group is expected to complete all project work in a timely manner with full participation of all team mates. Project results and course grades depend on it!

 This page will be updated with faculty advisor listings as soon as possible!

Project # Project Name Students Faculty Advisor


Clean Snowmobile Challenge  
Heaton, Zane
Martin, Zac
Mcguire, Nicholas
Nelson, Chase
 Dr. Bajwa


NASA Robotic Mining Competition

This competition project is in the build phase, students will join existing Capstone 2 team members.

Arakelian, Amber
Lohman, Chance
Osgood, Ian
 Dr. Edens


Disk Golf Machine, Team 1:  
Baker, Jerry
Costin, Kaiden
Thompson, Trae
Vogel, Tyler
 Dr. Heveran


Disk Golf Machine, Team 2:
Buenz, Nicholas
Engelhard, Finn
Haynes, Benjamin
Yakawich, Benjamin
 Dr. Johnson


Cats Claw
Botsford, Dylan
Holcomb, Jonathan
Lackner, Jacob
Serra, Nikolai
 Prof. Cook


Highway Sign  
Kirby, Chase
Rygg, Kyle
Russell, Jacob
Torbert, Ty
 Prof. Kincaid


Heating Stage for Atomic Force Microscope  
Cooper, Taylor
Currey, Madison
Fetsch, Brendon
 Dr. Cox


Sensor housing module  
Cummings, Haydn
Holmes, Braden
Roberts, William
Dr.  Warnat 


NREL Geothermal Challenge  
Bolen, Evan
Coppola, Jesse
Smith, Kaydee
Steiner, Geoffrey
 Prof. Amende


Chick Pea DNA Extraction
Franey, Logan
Kalgaard, Paul
Stramer, Cordell
 Dr. Li


 Baja SAE Front

This competition project is in the build phase, students will join existing Capstone 2 team members.

Dangerfield, Samantha
Klaer, Stefan
Swecker, Jakob
 Prof. Larson


 Baja SAE Rear

This competition project is in the build phase, students will join existing Capstone 2 team members.

Haight, Nathan
Johnston, Trystin
Pryor, Jonathan
Prof. Larson


 Human Powered Vehicle

This competition project is in the build phase, students will join existing Capstone 2 team members.

Almuaqqil, Mohammed
Moulton, Ty
Rotvold, Colin
 Dr. Owkes


 Model Rocketry Club Winder  
Bergman, Chad
Bianchini, Christopher
Peterson, Steve
Smith, Logan
 Prof. Samborsky


Brown, Layne
Guzman, Cory
Tuten, Jesse
Weidner, Colt
Wokasch, Trevor
 Dr. Shankwitz


 Robot Rodeo Team 1  
Clark, Lacey
Hight, Allison
Garcia, Lane
 Prof. Charlton


 Robot Rodeo Team 2  
Adams, Damon
Purcell, Timothy
Alshammari, Abdullah
 Prof. Kinkaid


 Robot Rodeo Team 3  
Burney, Thomas
Lloyd, Montana
Zaluski, Maia
 Dr. Evertz


 Robot Rodeo Team 4  
Doyle, Daniel
Espinal, Michael
Merkel, Andrew
 Dr. Pew


 Robot Rodeo Team 5  
Hayden, Connor
Heap, Ben
Johnson, Evan
 Prof. Black


 Pickle Barrel Can Opener  
Divine, John
Fitzgerald, Riley
Werner, Jeffrey
Woldstad, Garret
 Dr. Ryan


 Pickle Barrel Pepperoni Shooter  
Davis, Ryan
Franklin, Daniel
McCully, Ethan
Perius, Ryan
 Dr. Amendola

 Some Notes and Project Selection Statistics 

  • 77 enrolled students were assigned to 17 projects
  • All students were assigned to one of their top 4 choices, with 65% receiving their top choice.
  • One project, Disk Golf Frisbee Shooter, was split into two teams to accommodate the high degree of student interest in assistive technology projects.
  • Another project, the Robot Rodeo, was split into five teams to facilitate the planned multi-team competition. 
  • Four of these projects (NASA RMC, Human Powered Vehicle, and the two BAJA SAE projects) will be administered as Capstone 2 projects, with assigned students joining groups already-in-progress.
    • This is to aid in the fabrication of the competition vehicles being prepared for Spring 2021 events.
    • The 12 affected students will be added to the Capstone 2 D2L listing, attend Capstone 2 (virtual) lectures, and abide by Capstone 2 grading requirements.
    • Next term, these students will incorporate lessons-learned during fabrication to aid in design of the subsequent competition entry 
    • Capstone has used this methodology for over 10 years with good success
Total EMEC/ETME489 ME/MET Students Number

# Assigned to first choice selection

 50  65%

# Assigned to second choice

 14  18%

# Assigned to third

 7  9%

# Assigned to fourth

 6  8%

Projects with most #1 picks

Disk Golf  (9)
NASA RMC (8), Cats Claw (8), Fishinator (8)

Project with most overall top five picks

Highway Sign (39)
Disk Golf (37)