Marines in in Desert

MilTech works directly for DoD Program Managers from all four services, OSD, and Joint and Special programs who require assistance with product development, technology scouting, market research, manufacturing systems, or supply chain development. MilTech's Partnership Intermediary Scope of Work covers these areas of assistance across all technology platforms. Over 150 projects have been completed to include rapid development for fielding, correcting critical quality issues or scaling up to meet DoD demand.

MilTech services are comprised of seven core competencies:

  1. Tech Scouting and Market Research

  2. Design, Design Review, and Prototyping

  3. Independent Government Cost Estimates

  4. Cost Reduction Recommendations

  5. Vendor Manufacturing Capability Assessment and Review

  6. Vendor-Partner Scouting Identification and Assessment

  7. Providing Design and Manufacturing Expertise to IPTs