144. Aristida purpurea (var. longiseta; some specimens of var. fendleriana to take).
145. Aristida adscensionis. Sixweeks threeawn is most common in disturbance prone settings in the southwestern USA and adjacent Mexico and does not occur in Montana. Its annual growth habit, awns in which the two laterals are conspicuously shorter than the central awn, awn base that is flat rather than cylindrical, and narrow panicle combine to distinguish this species.
146. Phragmites australis subspecies americanus.
147. Phragmites australis subspecies australis (permanent mount).
148. Arundo donax (permanent mount from which to sample). Not from Montana.
149. Danthonia californica.*
150. Danthonia intermedia.*
151. Danthonia unispicata.*
152. Schismus arabicus (permanent mount from which to sample). Not from Montana.
153. Sight-identify as bamboo: Arundinaria gigantea, Chusquea culeou, or Phyllostachys aurea (samples to take and permanent mount).
154. Leersia oryzoides (permanent mount).
155. Oryza sativa (permanent mount). Not from Montana.
156. Zizania palustris.
*Species that can grow in rangeland in good ecological condition.