Mercury Woodwind Quintet

The Mercury Woodwind Quintet is made up of juniors and seniors from multiple degree programs at Montana State. They rehearse two times a week. They perform frequently at recitals and in the community. The ensemble is led by Prof. Mike Nelson. 

The Mercury Woodwind Quintet

Professor Mike Nelson

Professor Mike Nelson

Assistant Teaching Professor

Horn and Natural Horn, Wind Quintet, Enjoyment of Music 



Four-O-Sax is a saxophone quartet made up of music majors and non majors. The ensemble performs around the community and at MSU School of Music concerts. The ensemble is coached by Mr. Ryan Matzinger. 

 Four O Sax Saxophone Quartet

Banana Rag - Christian Daguet

Diffusion for Saxophone Quartet - Gordon Goodwin


Professor Ryan Matzinger

Mr. Ryan Matzinger

Assistant Professor

Jazz History, Jazz Studies, Applied Saxophone, American Studies