2020/21 - Concert/Lecture Attendance Policy

The requirement for Music Majors and Minors will follow the policy as stated in the Music Major Handbook. Concert Attendance for Spring 2021 will remain at 20 concerts/lectures for Music Majors. Music Majors may complete up to 40 concerts/lectures during Spring 2021. Music Students are required to attend the Music Major Seminar (11:00-12:00 on Thursday) either in-person or via webex. Attendance will be taken via webex login and in-person Cat Card Swipe. In addition, students will watch prerecorded or streaming concerts and lectures (45 min or more in length) provided by the SOM and/or available online from other sources.

In order to receive credit for online concerts/lectures outside of Music Major Seminar, students will submit a word document or PDF for each online concert/lecture video watched. The submitted document must include Your Name, GID (MSU ID #), URL, performer(s) (group), title(s), composer(s), date viewed, and a short paragraph describing each concert/lecture video.  This requirement is in addition to the Handbook requirement for Allowable Concerts/recitals. Please submit your word document/PDF to the 2020/21 - Concert/LectureAttendanceDrop Box.



Experience Music From Home

A number of Symphonies and Opera companies have made their streaming services and select performances free. See some of our favorites below. 

You are not limited to this list, but concerts/lectures must adhere to the expectations listed in the Music Major Handbook.


Excerpt from Music Major Handbook:

Allowable Concert/Recitals: 

  • Concerts and recitals that count for concert attendance credit include any SoM, public school, public library, or professional/academic sponsored events or festivals, or any events on or off campus involving SoM faculty members.
  • If a student wishes to count an event outside these parameters, they may write a one page paper describing the performance in order to have the event considered for concert credit by their academic advisor.
  • Recordists may count attendance as long as he/she hears the entire performance and appropriately logs in and out.  

Allowable Lecture Events:

  • 11:00 a.m. Music Major Seminars with guests and/or special topic lectures
  • Any lecture event (not a class) the student might attend that deals with an appropriate music, teaching, or music technology topic
  • MSU sponsored events on campus may also count toward this requirement with approval and proof of attendance.