Concert Attendance Requierment

Allowable Concert/Recitals: 

  • Concerts and recitals that count for concert attendance credit include any SoM, public school, public library, or professional/academic sponsored events or festivals, or any events on or off campus involving SoM faculty members.
  • If a student wishes to count an event outside these parameters, they may write a one page paper describing the performance in order to have the event considered for concert credit by their academic advisor.
  • Recordists may count attendance as long as he/she hears the entire performance and appropriately logs in and out.  

Allowable Lecture Events:

  • 11:00 a.m. Music Major Seminars with guests and/or special topic lectures
  • Any lecture event (not a class) the student might attend that deals with an appropriate music, teaching, or music technology topic
  • MSU sponsored events on campus may also count toward this requirement with approval and proof of attendance.