Connect With Your Advisor

Please see below for information on how to contact your advisor.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

BA advisees should email Dr. Harney with a list of classes and/or a screenshot of proposed courses in CatCourse that they plan to take for the summer or fall semester. An email with suggestions, guidance as well as registration pin will follow within 24 hours.

In general, all BA students should be working through the music theory, aural skills and keyboard class requirements in a sequential, concurrent nature as well as continuation with large ensemble participation and private studio enrollment and/or advancement if appropriate. 

Music Education

If you haven’t met with your advisor to get your registration pin and discuss your class schedule for Fall 2020 (and Summer 2020), please email one of us to set up a remote advising.

 When you email, please send a screenshot of your proposed schedule from CatCourse as well as your preferred meeting day/time.  We are happy to meet via Skype, Webex, GoogleHangouts, Zoom, Facetime, talk on the phone, or proceed via email.  You can find the 20-21 BME Planning Sheet attached to this email.

If you have received emails from the Education Department asking you to register for online advising, please ignore those requests.  Music education majors advise within the School of Music.

No matter what your last name, if you plan to student teach during Spring 2021, please email Dr. Harney.



Music Technology

Contact Professors Bolte or Kothman by email if you know your schedule and just want to receive an ok and your PIN by email.You can make Webex appointments via the online Appointment Scheduler.