This page contains a directory of MSU personnel organized by their expertise and specialization areas. It is provided as a resource for media organizations seeking expert information on various topics. The individual experts provided all information and have granted their permission to be contacted directly.

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Agricultural policy; Farm bill

George Haynes
Agriculture Policy Specialist

Agricultural settlement patterns and historic agricultural buildings

Maire O'Neill Conrad
Professor of Architecture

Agroecology, crop diversification in dryland wheat systems, sustainable cropping systems, pulse crops, oilseed crops, and agronomy of peas, lentils, chickpeas, canola, and wheat

Perry Miller
Associate Professor, Cropping Systems

Irrigation systems

Joel Cahoon
Civil Engineering Professor, Civil Engineering Interim Department Head

Holistic management, community decision-making, quality of life values for Greater Yellowstone.

Richard Ready
Professor, Agricultural Economics and Economics

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Agriculture Economics and Economics 

Economics of labor, Economics of Health, Economics of Education (student loans, achievement, teacher labor markets), Public Finance

Christina Stoddard
Professor Agricultural Economics and Economics

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Richard Ready
Professor Agricultural Economics and Economics

Estate planning, Financial management

Marsha Goetting
Professor Agricultural Economics and Economics


Architecture, Yellowstone architecture, the work of Richard Neutra

John Brittingham
Professor of Architecture

Design build, construction, woodwork, master woodworker

Bill Clinton
School of Architecture Design/Build, Fabrication Shop director

Regional architectural history, prefabrication, historic preservation, vernacular architecture (architecture characterized using local materials and knowledge, usually without the supervision of professional architects)

Marie O'Neill Conrad
Professor of Architecture

History of Architecture and Urbanism

Susanne Cowan
Professor of Architecture

Community Planning, Urban Design and Sustainability, Tiny homes and shelters, Green building design and construction, sustainable urban and rural communities

Ralph Johnson
Professor of Architecture, department head of School of Architecture

Building Energy Performance, Net-zero energy buildings, Building energy simulation, Daylighting, Energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings, Passive solar building systems, Operation and maintenance of high-performance buildings, indoor environmental quality

Jaya Mukhopadhyay
Professor of Architecture

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Indigenous Materials - Wild Clay and Invasive Paper; Kiln Design; Sustainability; Ceramics

Dean Adams
Professor of Art

Graphic design, advocate for dyslexia awareness to bring about cultural, pedagogical and systemic change

Jeffrey Conger
Professor of Graphic Design

Ceramics, indigenous materials International Wild Clay research Project. Internationally recognized ceramicist; Also, expert in history of storied MSU ceramics program (Peter Voulkous, Rudy Autio)

Josh DeWeese
Professor of Art, Sculpture

Oplontis ancient Roman archaeological site, Roman frescoes, Romano-Campanian wall paintings, topography of ancient Rome, Roman funerary art and architecture

Regina Gee
Professor of Art History

Contemporary Art, art therapy, video production, installation, art and science collaborations, podcasting

Vaughan Judge
Professor of Art, head of school

Marie Antoinette, 17th- to 19th-Century European and American Art and visual culture

Todd Larkin
Professor of Art History

Guerrilla advertising and guerrilla mindset, design for the greater good; socially motivated posters; riso printing; letterpress printing; vintage woodtype; corporate branding; web design

Meta Newhouse
Professor of Graphic Design

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Antibiotic resistance of microorganisms in biofilms; biofilm structure and behavior

Phil Stewart
Regents Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Chronic wounds infected with biofilm; biofilm-based wound care; diabetic foot ulcers

Garth James
Associate research professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Antimicrobial product testing for biofilm certification; biofilm in beer tap lines

Darla Goeres
Associate research professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Biofilm problems and solutions in private industry

Paul Sturman
Research professor and industrial coordinator 

Bioremediation; biofilm structure and behavior

Matthew Fields
Professor, Microbiology and Immunology  

Oil and gas leaks -- sealing wells using microbially induced carbonate formation

Adrienne Phillips
Assistant professor, Civil Engineering

3-D printing for biofilm engineering

James Wilking
Assistant professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering


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Consumer behavior 
Graham Austin
Associate professor of Marketing 

Collaborative processes for innovation, new product development, transdisciplinary science; women entrepreneurs

Laura Black
Professor of Management

Business ethics, impression management, organizational identity, performance appraisals, human resource management, leadership, organizational behavior, organizational politics and arts management

Virginia Bratton
Associate professor of Management

Leadership emotional intelligence, pedagogy

F. William Brown
Professor of Management

Peer mentoring, knowledge sharing, emotional intelligence, leadership, entrepreneurship

Scott Bryant
Professor of Management

Financial management, particularly corporate governance, bond ratings, and the effects of regulatory regime changes

Gary Caton
Professor of Finance

Accounting ethics, taxpayer compliance

Anne Christensen
Professor of Accounting

Business law, First Amendment law, entrepreneurship, international business

Susan Dana
Associate professor of Management

Approaches to reducing social, environmental and economic inequality, with a focus on nonprofits, hybrids and regulation

Edward Gamble
Associate professor of Accounting

Financial accounting

Marc Guillian
Associate professor of Accounting

Corporate finance, entrepreneurial finance, and finance pedagogy

Frank Kerins
Associate professor of Finance

Accounting education, with an emphasis on fraud and auditing

Bonita Kramer

Entrepreneurship, assessment of learning, leadership, research methods

Agnieszka Kwapisz
Associate professor of Management

Management teams and boards of directors in for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Myleen Leary
Assocaite professor, interim associate dean for Academic Affairs

Financial accounting, managerial accounting

Yuan Ji
Associate professor of Accounting

Business management, including creativity and Innovation, groups and teams, and meaning of work

Brent Rosso
Associate professor of Management 

Managerial accounting, behavioral accounting, management control systems, self-regulatory focus

Pinky Fessler
Assistant professor of Accounting

Marketing management, digital marketing, marketing research, analytics and big data

Omar Shehryar
Professor of Marketing

Retail, marketing research

Christine Sung
Assistant professor of Marketing

Public sector operations research, particularly for public organizations and not-for-profit organizations who focus on under-served populations, particularly organizations providing health services

Andreas Thorsen
Assistant professor of Management

Integrated marketing communications, branding, nonprofit marketing, political marketing

Eric Van Steenburg
Assistant professor of Marketing

Auditing, fraud, accounting education

Angela Woodland
Associate professor of Accounting

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Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Biochemistry, drug discovery, nutrition, proteomics, protein structure, biological membranes

Edward Dratz
Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry

Metallobiochemistry, biological chemistry, bacterial oxidations, bioanalytical methods, microbiome and metabolism

Jennifer Dubois
Associate Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry

Nanoscale spectroscopy, nanoscale electronics, materials science, next-generation photovoltaic materials

Erik Grumstrup
Assistant Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry

Space environmental effects, degradation of materials on spacecraft, space simulation chambers, etching of semiconductors and polymers, chemical reactions between gases and surfaces

Timothy Minton
Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry

Optical Spectroscopy, solvation at liquid interfaces, high temperature electrochemistry

Rob Walker
Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Earth Sciences

Community and social-ecological resilience, rural communities, extractive industries, rangelands, resource geography

Julia Haggerty
Associate professor, Earth Sciences

Earthquakes and active faulting, geology of Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Glacier National Parks, all aspects of Montana's geology

David Lageson
Professor of Geology, USGS-MSU Earthquake Science Laboratory

Dinosaur paleobiology, taphonomy of Egg Mountain, reproductive behavior of theropod Troodon, evolution of avian reproduction

David Varricchio
Professor, Earth Sciences

Paleoecology, vegetation and fire history, climate change, conservation

Cathy Whitlock
Regents Professor; Fellow, Montana Institute on Ecosystems; Director, MSU Paleoecology Lab; MSU Presidential Faculty Fellow

Cultural and historical geography of the American West, the evolution of the cultural landscape, historical cartography, history of geographical thought

Bill Wyckoff
Professor, Earth Sciences 

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Freshwater ecosystems, aquatic populations, ecosystem ecology, food webs

Wyatt Cross
Associate Professor Earth Sciences, Montana Water Center Director

Biodiversity assessment with remote sensing and GIS applications, metapopulation dynamics, habitat fragmentation, population viability assessment, genetics of small populations, climate change, grassland restoration

Diane Debinski
Department Head, Earth Sciences

Large mammal ecology and population dynamics, predator-prey interactions

Bob Garrott
Professor, Earth Sciences

Wildland ecosystems, influence of human land use and climate change, biodiversity, forest dynamics, conservation biology, landscape ecology, landscape management and conservation, protected areas and other wildlands, management of national parks and nature reserves

Andrew Hansen
Professor, Earth Sciences

Aquatic wildlife management, fisheries science, aquatic ecology

Alexander Zale
Professor Ecology, Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit leader


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Economy and economic trends in Bozeman area and Montana

Biofilm-related businesses in Bozeman area

Darla Goeres
Assistant research professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Manufacturing industry in Montana

Paddy Fleming
Director of Montana Manufacturing Extension Center

Optics and photonics industry in Bozeman area

Joseph Shaw
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Director of Optical Technology Center

Software and computing industry in Bozeman area

John Paxton
Professor of Computer Science

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Culturally responsive pedagogy, working effectively with culturally and linguistically diverse students

Jioanna Carjuzaa
Professor of Education, executive director of the Center for Bilingual and Multicultural Education

Learning theories, curriculum design, history of education

Robert Carson
Professor of Education

Educational assessment, trauma-informed care in educational settings, achievement gap for students in poverty and at-risk, rural educational initiatives

Lauren Dotson Davis
Assistant professor of Education

Educational psychology, rural education, educational risk and resilience, preparation of prospective teachers and leaders

Jayne Downey
Associate professor of Education

Early literacy, literacy for English language learners

Ann Ellsworth
Profesor of Education

School library advocacy, innovations in doctoral education

Ann Ewbank
Associate professor of Education, director of Accreditation and Operations; director of Library Media Certificate program

Science and engineering teaching efficacy, science and engineering identity development at the K-5 level, underrepresented groups in science and engineering

Rebekah Hammack
Assistant professor of Education

Critical literacy, multicultural literacy, children’s and young adult literature

Joyce Herbeck
Associate professor of Education


Joe Hicks
Instructor, MSU After School Initiative

Organizational change, grassroots leadership and student activism, LGBTQ issues in higher education, STEM education

Bryce Hughes
Assistant professor of Education

Integration of technology in K-12 classrooms, integration of technology in teacher education, inclusive technology for classrooms, engineering design concepts in education

Gilbert Kalonde
Assistant professor of Education

Adult education programs, adult learning 

Marilyn Lockhart
Professor of Education

Math education

Fengjen Luo
Associate professor of Education

K-12 STEM teaching and learning, technology integration in teacher preparation, technology in outdoor and adventure education, educational gaming design and integration, new technologies for teaching and learning

Nick Lux
Associate professor of Education

Higher education outcomes for underrepresented student populations, especially in the area of STEM education, and sociology of education

Carrie Myers
Professor of Education, College Teaching Certificate

Interdisciplinary arts, arts education

Kristofer Olsen
Assistant professor of Educatiom

Literacy, educational psychology

Sarah Pennington
Assistant professor of Education

Educational leadership

Bill Ruff
Professor of Education, Educational Leadership
EHHD Associate Dean of Research Development
Associate director of Center for Bilingual and Multicultural Education

Student affairs and services, higher education, assessment

Tricia Seifert
Associate professor of Education
Department head

Social studies, community based participatory research, indigenous education, social justice

Christine Stanton
Associate professor of Education

Rural education issues, instructional leadership, school climate

Tena Versland
Associate professor of Education, Leader Self-efficacy
Program leader for Education Leadership

Indigenous methodologies, critical race theory, law and policy in higher education, mentoring, leadership development in tribal colleges and universities, indigenous peoples and higher education

Sweeney Windchief
Associate professor of Education 

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Biomedical Science and Engineering

Alzheimer's and degenerative brain diseases: studying brain cell electrical behavior for new treatments

Anja Kunze
Assistant professor, electrical and Computer Engineering

Flu and other viruses: microfluidics for developing new treatments

Connie Chang
Assistant professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Malaria, traumatic brain injury: developing microRNA technology for easy, low-cost diagnosis

Stephanie McCalla
Assistant professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Osteoarthritis: new treatment strategies

Ron June
Associate professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Bridge design; earthquake performance of buildings and other structures

Damon Fick
Assistant professor, Civil Engineering 

Concrete; earthquake performance of bridges and other structures

Michael Berry
Associate professor, Civil Engineering 

Fish ladders and other structures to help fish navigate irrigation diversions

Katey Plymesser
Assistant professor, Civil Engineering

Matt Blank
Instructor, Civil Engineering 

Wastewater treatment and water quality.

Ellen Lauchnor
Assistant professor, Civil Engineering 

Wetland methods for wastewater treatment

Otto Stein
Professor, Civil Engineering

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Biofuel from algae

Robin Gerlach
Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Biofuel from corn stover, poplar and other cellulosic materials

David Hodge
Associate professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Extremophile microorganisms from Yellowstone hot pools and similar environments, and applications for bioremediation, biofuel production, plastic recycling

Brent Peyton
Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Audio forensics (including gunshot analysis); acoustics; music and audio processing

Robert Maher
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Optical phenomena in nature: rainbows, auroras, sky coloration; remote sensing; Bozeman optics and photonics industry

Joseph Shaw
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Solar power (photovoltaics)

Todd Kaiser
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Biomechanics; sports injuries

Scott Monfort
Assistant professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 

Composite materials for wind turbine blades, airplanes, aerospace

Douglas Cairns
Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Flapping wings; biomimicry

Mark Jankauski
Assistant professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Fuel cells; ceramic materials

Stephen Sofie
Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, MSU Campus Director

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC)

Kevin Amende
Associate professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering for efficiency in healthcare and other services

David Claudio
Associate professor, Mechanical and Industria Engineering

Mechanical engineering design

Robb Larson
Associate professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Sarah Codd
Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Graduate Programs Coordinator
INBRE Director of Student Programs

Computers and Computer Science

Algorithms and other advanced computing methods

Brendan Mumey
Professor, Computer Science

Computer technologies and their role in society. Software industry in Bozeman area

John Paxton
Professor, Computer Science

Human-computer interaction; virtual and augmented reality

Laura Stanley
Associate professor, Computer Science

Software engineering

Clemente Izurieta
Associate Professor, Computer Science

Internet safety in the schools

Bill Freese
Assessment coordinator, Department of Education

Macintosh Computers

Bill Freese
Assessment coordinator, Department of Education

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server. Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory design and implementation. Microsoft Windows NT Server. Citrix MetaFrame 1.8. Citrix XP. Eudora WorldMail. Microsoft Exchange 5.5. TCP/IP

Jacob Hahn
Security analyst, University Information Technology

Second Life and virtual instructional media

Bill Freese
Assessment coordinator, Department of Education

Web 2.0 instructional applications

Bill Freese
Assessment coordinator, Department of Education

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Food and nutrition technical information, education, programs, and issues; Food safety throughout the food system; Integration of food and nutrition from “farm to fork” with emphasis on value-added food production; Hunger and food security

Selena Ahmed
Associate Professor, Health and Human Development

Meat science; Meat processing

Jane Boles
Professor Animal and Range Sciences

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Forest ecology; Forest insects and diseases; Forest wildfire restoration and prevention; Forest management; Community forestry

Peter Kolb
Extension Forestry Specialist, Missoula

Forest ecology; remote sensing; GIS; carbon dynamics in forest ecosystems; ecosystem disturbance including fire, insects, and grazing; carbon sequestration in forests and agricultural systems; monitoring carbon dioxide leakage from geologic sequestration sites; invasive species mapping; land cover change and impervious surface mapping

Scott Powell
Land Resources and Environmental Sciences/Assistant Research Professor

Private forest management

Cindy Peterson 
Associate Forestry Specialist

Wildfire research; Disturbance Ecology, Paleoecology

Dave McWethy
Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences

Health and Human Development

Sustainable food systems, food security, biodiversity, climate change

Selena Ahmed
Associate Professor, Health and Human Development

Human nutrition

Melody Anacker
Assistant teaching professor, Health and Human Development
Program Leader in Food and Nutrition
Director of Didactic Program in Dietetics

Early childhood special education, autism, inclusion

Jody Bartz
Assistant professor, Health and Human Development

Skeletal muscle physiology, aging, recovery following orthopedic surgeries

Hilary Becker
Instructor, Health and Human Development

Biomechanical aspects of human performance, biomechanical factors contributing to orthopedic injuries

James Becker
Assistant professor, Health and Human Development

Behavioral health, adolescence and emerging adulthood, mental health literacy, stigma reduction, community-based learning, adult education

Alison Brennan
Extension specialist, Health and Human Development

Nutrition, diet, food environment, food security

Carmen Byker Shanks
Associate professor, Health and Human Development

Impact of sleep deprivation, insomnia and sleep apnea on blood pressure and the nervous system

Jason Carter
Professor, Health and Human Development, vice president of Research, Economic Development and Graduate Education

Early childhood development, early childhood literacy, supporting children and families

Kalli Decker
Assistant professor, Health and Human Development

Addictions, clinical mental health counseling, offender counseling

Ed Dunbar
Assistant professor, Health and Human Development

Counseling development, pedagogy, international service work, adventure based counseling

Anna Elliott
Assistant professor, Health and Human Development

Addiction counseling, clinical supervision, counselor development

Katey Franklin
Instructor, Health and Human Development
Addictions Counseling Program Director

Culinary arts, farm to table cooking, plant-based proteins

Marcy Gaston
Assistant teaching professor, Health and Human Development
Program Leader for Hospitality Management

Socio-cultural determinants of health, the intersection of health and culture, nutrition transitions, food security, chronic disease prevention, rural health

Michelle Grocke
Assistant professor, Health and Human Development

Consumer and family economics, personal finance

Deborah Haynes
Associate professor, Health and Human Development 

Energy expenditure, wearable monitors, performance, sports nutrition

Dan Heil
Professor, Health and Human Development

Public health, community health, cancer control, community-based participatory research, evaluation

Suzanne Held
Professor, Health and Human Development

Food sovereignty issues on Indian reservations, food distribution program on Indian reservations, lactose intolerance, Celiac disease, hemochromatosis, water quality, food policy

Holly Hunts
Associate professor, Health and Human Development 

Perinatal maternal mental health, teaching excellence in counselor education, play and filial therapy

Kara Hurt-Avila
Assistant professor, Health and Human Development

Organizational behavior, social responsibility in service organizations, consumer behavior

Sunny Kim
Assistant professor, Health and Human Development

Marriage and family counseling, exploring wellness and prevention across the life span, understanding counselor self-care and burnout prevention, integrating creativity in counseling, teaching/supervision, and research

Rebecca Koltz
Associate professor, Health and Human Development; department head

Food product development, sensory evaluation, food processing

Wan-Yuan Kuo
Assistant professor, Heath and Human Development

Early childhood teacher education, play and learning in early childhood, interdisciplinary early childhood curriculum development

Christine Lux
Assistant professor, Health and Human Development; team leader

Population health, food allergy, nutritional epidemiology, the impact of dietary exposures on health outcomes, and health policy

Colleen McMilin
Assistant professor, Health and Human Development 

Metabolism and health, inflammation, exercise, health and disease. Gut microbiota

Mary Miles
Professor, Health and Human Development

Attachment, trauma, grief, wilderness therapy, relationships

Wendy Morrison
Instructor, Health and Human Development 

Student well-being and guidance curriculum development

Mark Nelson
Professor, Health and Human Development
School Counseling Graduate Program

Sexual and reproductive health in indigenous populations, community based participatory research

Elizabeth Rink
Associate professor, Health and Human Development

Nutrition in schools

Aubree Roth
Professional, Health and Human Development; project coordinator, team nutrition

Family influence of children's food behaviors, supports and barriers to healthy nutrition practices among rural, diverse and underserved populations

Brianna Routh
Assistant professor, Health and Human Development 

Online cognitive behavior therapy interventions to reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, novel interventions for improving mental well-being, aging and disability

Mark Schure
Assistant professor, Health and Human Development

Health literacy, community based participatory research, American Indian health

Vanessa Simonds
Associate professor, Health and Human Development

Sustainable food systems, value-added ag products, food security

Mary Stein
Instructor, Health and Human Developent
Programs Coordinator
Program Leader - SFBS Program

Coaching preparation, sport administration, special education

Craig Stewart
Professor, Health and Human Development 

Community health

Dawn Tarabochia
Associate professor, Health and Human Development; Gerontology Certificate Program

Family science with diverse/underserved populations, influence of technology on human development and family relationships

J. Mitchell Vaterlaus
Associate professor, Health and Human Development

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Beef cattle nutrition. Barley feed quality. Supplementation. Forage digestion. Cattle nutrition. Cattle reproduction.

Tim DelCurto
Professor, Animal and Range Sciences

Livestock, Horse.

Tamara Parrott
Instructor, Equien Science

Range management; Resource monitoring; Grazing system design; Rangeland weed management

Rachel Frost
Dan Scott Ranch Management Program Leader, Animal and Range Sciences

Agrosecurity. Waste management; Farm-to-school

Tommy Bass
Livestock Environment Associate Specialist

Water Quality; Water Resource Management 

Adam Sigler
Research Associate, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences

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Micobiology and Immunology

Geomicrobiology, microbial evolution, techtonic influences on hot spring biodiversity

Eric Boyd
Associate Professor Microbiology and Immunology

Microalgae biofuels, molecular assemblies, environmental biofilms

Matthew Fields
Professor Microbiology and Immunology, Director Center for Biofilm Engineering

Disease ecology, spillover, epidemiology

Raina Plowright
Assistant Professor Microbiology and Immunology

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Nursing workforce, survey research, quality of care, health policy

Peter Buerhaus
Professor of Nursing

End of life issues, hospice and palliative care and services, including decision making, especially for minority populations involving culture and value differences

Yoshi Colclough
Associate professor of Nursing

Women’s health care and psychiatric mental health, behavioral Health, telemental health and simulation

Kathy Damberger
Associate clinicial professor of Nursing

Maternal child care, child abuse prevention, horizontal violence in the workplace, leadership in nursing, and obstetrics

Leesha Ford
Clinical instructor of Nursing

Rural health, spirituality in nursing care, health care of vulnerable populations, team based learning and inter-professional educational collaboration

Ann Galloway
Asssociate clinical professor of Nursing
Bozeman campus director

Mass casualty incident and disaster training and response, emergency and flight nursing, pre-hospital care

Steven D. Glow 
Associate clinical professor of Nursing, Missoula campus

Oral health

Janice Hausauer
Assistant clinical professor of Nursing
FI/DNP Clinical Coordinato

Public health, epidemiology, advanced practice psychiatric nursing

Wade Hill
Associate professor of Nursing

Pediatrics, neonatology, obstetrics, mother/baby and postpartum

Kimberly Kusak
Assistant clinical professor of Nursing

Public health, using prevention agenda around consumer health behaviors to improve health and quality of life

Laura Larsson
Associate professor of Nursing

Acute kidney injury in agricultural workers, kidney function, community health, immigration

Sally Moyce
Assistant professor of Nursing

Obstetrics, high-risk obstetrics, leadership and management

Debbie Fischer Peterson 
Administrator, Billings Campus
Interim campus director

Healthcare disparities, school nursing, nursing education, experiential learning, pediatric nursing, public health

Julie Ruff
Assistant professor of Nursing

Primary care, adult health, integrative therapies

Alice Running
Professor of Nursing

Primary care, preventative care, chronic disease/illness, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, palliative care/end of life, nurse practitioner education

Jennifer Sofie
Associate clinical professor of Nursing

Equine assisted therapy, equine assisted learning, Native American populations, underserved populations

Mariya Waldenberg
Clinical instructor of Nursing 

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Outer Space and Astronomy

Aurora and similar phenomena involving high-energy solar particles

John Sample
Assistant professor of Physics 

Radiation-tolerant computer technology for spacecraft

Brock LaMeres
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Director of Montana Engineering Education Research Center

Solar eclipses; high-altitude ballooning to study eclipse weather effects

Angela Des Jardins
Assistant research professor of Physics

Small satellites (cubesats) for studying phenomena in outer space

David Klumpar
Research professor of Physics

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Cosmology, astrophysics, relativity, Gravitational Wave Astronomy, gravity

Neil Cornish
Regents Professor, Physics

Experimental condensed matter physics, quantum information technology and energy applications

Yves Idzerda
Physics professor and department head

Lasers, optics, spectorscopy, biophotonics, holography and optical storae, quantum information

Aleksander Rebane
Physics Professor

Condensed matter physics, thermodynamics, thermal expansion of solids, low-temperature physics, single crystal growth

John J. Neumeier
Physics Professor

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Plants and soils

Agriculture and production; Dryland/irrigated crop production, crop disease outbreaks

Patrick Carr
Superintendent and Associate Professor, Central Ag Research Center


Kent McVay
Cropping System Specialist, Southern Ag Research Center

Biocontrol of noxious plants and plant diseases; Gluten-free crops; Biotechnology and GMO's

David C. Sands 
Professor of Plant Pathology

Cropland insects

Kevin Wanner
Entomology Specialist

Environmental risk assessment, management, perception, and communication, risk of biotech crops, pesticides and other agricultural technologies, insect ecology, insect-plant interactions, impact of insects on plant physiology, livestock entomology

Robert Peterson
Professor, Entomology

Fertilizer use; Soil analysist 

Clain Jones
Professor, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences

Biology of fungi; Identification of wild mushrooms, consultation on mushroom poisoning cases, determining the edibility of wild mushrooms, mold identification; Consultation on mycorrhizae for use in reforestation, reclamation, particularly with woody plant species

Cathy Cripps
Assistant Professor

Sheep Management; Sheep production research

Pat Hatfield
Department Head, Animal and Range Sciences

Pesticide Programs; Pesticide safety; Applicator training

Cecil Tharp
Extension Pesticide Education Specialist

Plant breeding and genetics

Jennifer Lachowiec
Professor, Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology

Rangeland noxious weeds, ecologically-based invasive plant management, integrated weed management. 

Jane Mangold
Assistant Professor, Land Resources and Environmental Sciences/Extension Invasive Plant Specialist

Integrated pest management, plant disease control; Field crop diseases; Fungi and viruses; Wheat and pulses; Agronomy of crop production

Mary Burrows
Professor, Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology

Herbarium (MSU's Plant Collection) information; Plant/weed identification and related information (eg. Montana plant species distribution(s), etc.); Insect identification     

Matt Lavin
Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology

Rangeland ecology and management; Livestock grazing; Livestock/wildlife relationships.

Jeff Mosley
Professor of Range Science and Extension Range Management Specialist

Weed Ecology; Population and community ecology aspects of invasive and exotic plants; Agro-ecosystems and natural ecosystems; Simulation and statistical modeling; Land Use Change; Causes and consequences; Forecasting land use change and factors that have influenced land use change in rural areas in the past

Bruce Maxwell
Professor Agro-ecology, Weed Ecology

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Snow Science and Avalanches

Avalanche forecasting

Karl Birkeland
Adjunct assistant professor of Geography 
Avalance scientist with the U.S. Forest Service 
National Avalanche Center

Mechanics of snow and ice; snowpack modeling and monitoring

Kevin Hammonds
Assistant professor of Civil Engineering
Director of Subzero Research Laboratory

Snowpack modeling and monitoring; human factors in avalanche risk

Jordy Hendrikx
Associate professor of Earth Sciences
Director of Snow and Avalanche Lab

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Sustainability, Energy Systems and Conservation

Biofuel from corn stover, poplar and other cellulosic materials

David Hodge
Associate professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Biofuel from algae

Robin Gerlach
Professor of Chemical andBiological Engineering

Energy efficiency in integrated building design (including solar technologies, geothermal, HVAC)

Kevin Amende
Associate professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Sustainability in energy systems

Paul Gannon
Associate professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

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Active transportation; bicycle and pedestrian transportation

Rebecca Gleason

Danae Giannetti

Environmental issues in transportation; carbon emissions; roadside landscaping

Rob Ament

Public transportation; federal transportation funding

David Kack

Traffic modeling; transportation engineering

Ahmed Al-Kaisy

Wildlife-vehicle collisions; wildlife crossing structures

Marcel Huijser

Tony Clevenger

Winter maintenance of roadways; gravel road maintenance

Laura Fay

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Yellowstone National Park

Extremophile microorganisms from Yellowstone hot pools and similar environments, and applications for bioremediation, biofuel production, plastic recycling

Brent Peyton
Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Lake trout removal in Yellowstone Lake: improved detection using lidar

Joseph Shaw
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Director of Optical Technology Center