Clinical Placements & Preceptors Provided

We are committed to making your clinical placement work for you.

Nursing Students in Hallway

 We have a dedicated staff member at your service to provide Clinical Placement & Support services. This allows you to focus on learning to be a nurse leader in your clinical environment. In the graduate program you wil work directly with our Clinical Placement Coordinator who will place you in a clinical setting with a preceptor, based on your field of interest. Your Clinical Placement Coordinator will serve as a go-between for all of your cinical placement issues that may arise.

The Clinical Placement Coordinator will:

  • Assess your interests and skills to ensure placement with the ideal clinical site and preceptor.
  • Provide achievable expectations for success in your clinical environment.
  • Assist in meeting clearance and compliance requirements.
  • Ensure you have proper tech support.
  • Assist you in scheduling and logging hours in clinical.
  • Set up clinical orientations.


Please contact [email protected]