To apply for the BSN program at MSU, you will need to open an account in the NursingCAS Applicant Portal:

  • Select program(s) of interest, Montana State University.
  • NursingCAS has 4 main sections which can be accessed on the application dashboard: Personal Information, Academic History, Achievements, and Program Materials. Program Materials is the section where you will find all MSU-related requirements. The other three portions of the application are NursingCAS requirements.
  • Regardless of which dashboard you are in, some portions must be completed in order for you to submit your application and other portions are optional.  Required answers are marked with an *. If there is no *, then an answer is not required. However, in some sections you must acknowledge that you do not want to provide an answer in order to submit your application.
  • When you think you have completed the application, go to the application dashboard. If the icons in each section have a green background, then you are ready to hit submit. If you see a green semi-circle line going around the icon in each section and the background color is white, then you missed something in that section and may not be able to hit submit.


Dashboard Quadrant 1: Personal Information-

There are 7 sections under Personal Information: Release Statement, Biographic Information, Contact Information, Citizenship Information, Family Information, Race, and Other Information. Each section needs to be completed before you can submit your application. * items mark required fields. If a question has an option to select “opt not to add” and choose that option, you can move forward with completing the application.


Dashboard Quadrant 2: Academic History-

There are 4 sections under Academic History: High School Attended, Colleges Attended, Transcript Entry, and Standardized Tests.

High School Attended – If you went to multiple high schools, just list the one that from which you graduated. * items mark required fields. If a question has an option to select “opt not to add” and choose that option, you can move forward with completing the application. If there is no *, then you do not need to fill in that field.

Colleges Attended – Enter general information for all of the colleges/universities you have attended and then follow the instructions in order to upload transcripts for the institutions you entered.

a.All students need to submit official transcripts to NursingCAS--even students who have done all prerequisites at MSU.
c.If you earned college credit while you were in High School (Dual Enroll credit), you will need to include those transcripts.
d.All official transcripts are required to be sent directly to NursingCAS, please do not send them to MSU’s College of Nursing. After entering each college/university you have attended (except MSU), you select “Download Transcript Request Form” and follow the directions on that form. NursingCAS accepts official transcripts sent electronically from Credentials Solutions, Parchment, and National Student Clearinghouse.

Transcript Entry – In this section you will enter only the required courses that match the prerequisites required to apply for the BSN program.

a.If you took your prerequisites at MSU, enter only the pre-nursing requirements as you see them listed in DegreeWorks (course abbreviation and course number).

b.If you did not take some or all of your prerequisites at MSU, then enter only the courses that match MSU’s nursing prerequisites (NursingCAS will say enter everything—but we just need the nursing prerequisites).

c.If you are adding a prerequisite class with a separate lecture and lab enter the course separately.

d.Add the number of credits in the first box and add any additional incremental credits or “00” in the second box. Most courses are 3.00, 4.00, or 5.00 credits.

e.If you can’t find a direct match for a course (happens most commonly with US Core), choose a subject that’s closest match to the course you took.

f.If you took AP Credits, enter those matching them to the appropriate prerequisite. You will mark “cr” instead of adding a grade.

g.If you took the CLEP exam for Sociology or Psychology– mark “cr” instead of adding a grade. You will also need to upload your College Board score for the CLEP exam in the Program Materials dashboard in the document section.

h.Add each prerequisite course attempt, even if you took the course multiple times or got below a C or took a W in the course.

3.Standardized Tests – Please add your ACT or SAT scores. These scores are self-reported and for grant purposes for MSU’s College of Nursing. Your scores will not affect your NursingCAS application or decisions made regarding your placement.

After you have finished everything select “Review and Finalize My Transcripts”.

Dashboard Quadrant 3: Supporting Information-

There are 3 sections under Achievements: Achievements, Experiences, Licensure and Certifications. Adding information to each of these sections can be optional, but read below to see whether or not the section applies to you. If you do not want to add information in these sections, you need to select “I am not adding any information” in order to be able to submit your application.



3.Licensure and Certifications

Dashboard Quadrant 4: Program Materials-

There are 4 tabs under MSU College of Nursing Program Materials: Home, Documents, Prerequisites, and Questions.

1.Home – Read this important information regarding BSN admission criteria and policies regarding placement selection for the BSN program at MSU. You will also find important CastleBranch information which is the Clinical Compliance portion of your application and the respective due dates for the clinical compliance requirements. 

2.Documents – Upload your CLEP “Test Score Report” or “LPN” Licensure, if you have them.

3.Prerequisites – Match courses you have taken to the required MSU prerequisite for the BSN application. To complete this section you will either need to complete the course match or select “I am not matching any courses to this prerequisite”. All courses must be green in order to submit your application for consideration.

4.Questions – Rank your 5 campuses and answer supplemental questions. When ranking campuses, please choose where you would prefer to be located 1st—even if you think your GPA may be a little low. Only select campuses you want to attend.


  • Make sure all 4 quadrants have a green background
  • Select “Submit Application” – You will be prompted to pay the application fee at this time
  • Check your application status –Your status should say “completed”. If your application status says anything other than completed or in-process/in-progress of verifying, contact Debbie McCray: [email protected] or 406-994-2660 immediately. You can download a copy of your completed application for your records, if you wish.