Bozeman City Hall building

Know Your Code

Living off-campus means there are some city ordinances that you are responsible for knowing and keeping up with. Here are some important policies for you and your neighbors to know:

  • Yard maintenance: Residents are required to keep grass cut to 12” or less.
  • Snow removal: Residents are required to remove snow from sidewalks along your house within 24 hours of snowfall.
  • Parking: The Bozeman City Code requires all cars to be moved at least every 72 hours if they are parked on the street. If you live in a residential parking district (near Bozeman High School or the MSU campus), you are required to purchase a $30 annual permit from the City of Bozeman.
  • Responsible Pet Ownership:
    • Dogs and cats must be licensed with the City of Bozeman.
    • Dogs must be on-leash on streets, sidewalks, and other public spaces.
    • Clean up after your pet! It’s the law, and it keeps our rivers healthy and our neighborhoods clean.
  • Noise: Be mindful of the impact your noise may have on your neighbors. For more info on what is prohibited, see the Bozeman Code of Ordinances.
  • Dumping bulky items: Leaving abandoned furnishings or garbage on the curb is prohibited. The City of Bozeman Solid Waste Division will come pick up bulky items such as couches, mattresses, desks, etc., for a fee of $10. During the month of May, MSU students can use this service for free!
  • Take out the trash and recycling: Request or cancel curbside garbage and recycling services from the City of Bozeman.

Enjoy Your Local Parks and Trails

Get Involved at the City Level

  • Is there an issue that you would like to see addressed in Bozeman City Code? Submit issues for consideration.
  • Want to know how decisions and policies get made in the City of Bozeman? Learn about your City Commissioners.
  • Join one of Bozeman’s 36 Citizen Advisory Boards! From sustainability, to mental health, to trails and open space, Bozeman residents serve on these volunteer boards to advise the Commission on advancing important topics through City projects, programs, and policy.