Montana State University offers two cloud storage options for students, faculty and staff.

Both of these file storage options have more features than the free versions available to individuals outside of the MSU Community. See the table below for details.

Is OneDrive the same as OneDrive for Business? Simply put, yes. It's all OneDrive. How does OneDrive for Business differ from OneDrive? 


Data Storage Guidelines:  Both Box and OneDrive for Business are available to MSU faculty, staff and students. You may use whichever best suits your needs. Be sure to check the Box data storage guidelines and OneDrive for Business data storage guidelines for details about what data you can store in each.


 Item Montana State Box OneDrive for Business

FREE for MSU faculty, staff and students.

FREE for MSU faculty, staff and students.    

Storage Capacity Unlimited  1 TB
Service Box part of your Office 365 subscription
File Upload Size 15 GB 10 GB
Supported Web Browsers
Latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox or Safari.

Latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox or Safari.

May also require Microsoft Silverlight for certain browsers

Supported Operating Systems  Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone                        
Related Apps Visit the Official Box Apps page for official Box apps like Box Capture, Box Sync, Box Edit and more. Microsoft has a free app for OneDrive for mobile devices and other devices to quickly open and save files, tag photos and share content. Click here to download the app or search for OneDrive in your device's app store.    
Data Types Please see the Data Storage Security Grid for guidance.   Please see the Data Storage Security Grid for guidance. 
Content and Task Management Assign tasks and add comments to specific files and send them to other individuals in your group or team. Automatic file organization assistance.
Permission Levels

Determine permission levels at the folder level and provide different access to folders and files for each individual invited to collaborate within the folder (permission levels range from co-owners to upload only to view only).

Users can also share files with others. see What are the Different Access levels for Collaborators for more information.

Invite others to view or edit within a folder or share a link to a file with edit or view only access. See Share Files and Folders and Change Permissions for more information.                                                                 
File Syncing on Computer

Box Drive:

Incorporate your box files and folders into your user experience, accessing them from within the File Explorer or Finder Window.

**Mark items to be available offline for use when the internet is not available

Make all of your OneDrive files and folders appear in your File Explorer or Finder Window just like you're used to. This requires the OneDrive for Business app.

**Select files or folders to keep on device for access when you can't connect to the internet

Sync Warning!

IT is very important that folders containing student information or restricted data are NOT synced to your computer.  See the Box FAQ or Office 365 FAQ for more information on syncing.