Name Position Represents Voting or Not Ends
Cloninger, Mary Chair Chemistry & Biochemistry voting member --.
Adams, Daniel   Institutional Audit & Advisory Services ex officio --.
Baumbauer, David   Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology voting member --
Hardy, Michele   Molecular Biosciences voting member --
Lashaway, Robert   University Services ex officio --
Merrell, Pamela   Legal Council ex officio --
Mitchell, Jim   Student Health & Dental Clinic voting member --
Pulcini, Elinor   Biofilm Engineering voting member --
Shada, Jeff   Safety & Risk Management ex officio --
Walker, Rob   Chemistry & Biochemistry voting member --
Webb, Betsy   Human Resources ex officio --



The University is cognizant of its responsibility to provide an environment conducive to the health and safety of all employees, students, visitors, and neighbors.  In order to establish effective, uniform policies and programs in this area, the University Environmental Health and Safety Committee has been established to advise the Provost, the Vice President for Research, Creativity, and Technology Transfer, and the Vice President of Administration and Finance.
The purpose of the University Environmental Health and Safety Committee (EH & S Committee) is to recognize, evaluate, and recommend controls of university environmental factors which might cause impaired health, well-being, efficiency, or comfort.  It guides and supports the work of the university’s Risk Management and Safety Department toward these goals.  It strives to develop a positive attitude toward safety in the faculty and staff, as in the students, who expect MSU to provide adequate training for their careers.
This charter includes the following specific responsibilities:

a. Formulating, review, and/or recommending the adoption of environmental health and safety policies related to the following:

    1. The use of hazardous chemicals, including: carcinogens, mutagens, teratogens and toxic, reactive and flammable chemicals.
    2. The use of physical hazards, including: lasers, cryogenic liquids, electrical hazards and compressed gases.
    3. Hazardous and infectious waste.
    4. Other laboratory hazards affecting the environmental, health, and safety of the campus community.
    5. Occupational health and safety, including ergonomics.
    6. Fire safety.
    7. Vehicle safety.
    8. Training programs related to the above hazards.

b. Advising the university senior leadership on the status of the University environmental, health, and safety programs and their needs.

c. Providing advice and recommendations concerning appropriate staff and faculty expertise for development of tools to assess safety performance and risk management.


Voting Members:

The committee is representative of the university, with at least six (6) voting members from areas involved in campus safety, those who have expressed an interest in membership, and who are recommended by the committee.  Membership is continuous.  Appointments are made with input from the committee.  The initial chair is appointed by the President, thereafter will be chosen by vote of the committee.
One non-voting ex-officio member shall also be appointed by each of the following University functional areas: Safety and Risk Management, Internal Audit, Office of Legal Counsel, Human Resources, Student Success, and Facilities.


Current—Mary Cloninger

Title—Department Head of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Appointed By-- President Cruzado

Length of Term--Continuous


Meetings are held on a monthly basis, more frequently if necessary.

Advisory To

University senior leadership on the status of university environmental, health, and safety programs and their needs.

Required Reports

As requested.