Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Kearns, Chris Chair* Division of Student Success - ----
Attebury, Kathleen Ex Officio* Budget Office - ----
Beck, Carina Member Allen Yarnell Center for Student Success - ----
Bondy, Jeff Ex Officio Residence Life - ----
Broscheit, James Ex Officio* Financial Aid - ----
Byrd, Erin Member International Programs (Admissions) - ----
Campeau, Tony Ex Officio* Registrar - ----
Ellig, Tracy Member University Communications - ----
Fastnow, Chris Ex Officio* Planning and Analysis - ----
Gray, Stephanie Ex Officio Gallatin College - ----
Haynes, Deb Ex Officio* International Programs - ----
Lee, Ilse-Mari Ex Officio Honors College - ----
Leist, Terry Ex Officio Administration and Finance - ----
Ogilvie, Craig Ex Officio* Graduate School - ----
Ringer, Chancey Member Family & Graduate Housing - ----
Russell, Ronda Ex Officio* Admissions - ----
Singel, David Ex Officio Academic Affairs - ----
Stump, Tom Ex Officio Auxiliary Services/Residence Life - ----
Christensen, Ryan Alternate Financial Aid - ----
Edwards, Melis Alternate Graduate School - ----
Lasso, Megan Alternate Budget Office - ----
Ouert, Michael Alternate Admissions - ----



Advise the President's Executive Council on issues of enrollment management strategy; provide enrollment projections as requested.


As requested


Voting Members: Vice President for Student Affairs and directors of university offices dealing with student enrollment: New Student Services, Registrar, Financial Aid, Graduate Studies, Budget Office, Planning and Analysis.

Length of Term

Term of office

Appointed By

Vice President for Student Affairs


Current--Robert Marley

Title--Vice President for Student Success

Appointed By--Position

Length of Term--Term of office

Advisory To

President's Executive Council

Reports Due

As requested