Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Jewell, Tom Chair Student Affairs - ----
Baker, Larry J Member Education & HHD - ----
Bentz, Heather Member Arts & Architecture - ----
Gaines, Philip Member University Studies - ----
Gough, Robert E Member Agriculture - ----
Groseth, Jaynee Member Alumni Affairs - ----
Lamb, Chris Member Business - ----
McCray, Debbie Member Nursing - ----
Miles, Michael C Member Honors Program - ----
Nelson, Chuck Member Registrar - ----
Payne, Brandi L Member Financial Aid Serv - ----
Russell, Ronda Member New Student Services - ----
Sherick, Heidi Marie Member Engineering - ----
Tuthill, George F Member Letters & Science - ----
Oakberg, Robert Ex Officio NCAA Campus Rep - ----


The Student Financial Aid Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Office of Financial Aid Services in the administration of federal, state, and institutional aid programs, serves as an appeals board for students who appeal decisions of the Office of Financial Aid Services in its interpretation (administration) of policy and granting of awards, and reviews and selects scholarship recipients as needed.


As needed.


As above.

Length of Term

Term of office

Appointed By



Current--Tom Jewell

Title--Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Appointed By--Position

Length of Term--Term of office

Advisory To

Office of Financial Aid Services

Reports Due

As requested