Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Kipfer, Julie Chair Communications and Public Affairs - ----
Conger, Jeffrey Member Faculty, School of Art - ----
Fields, Peter Member Director of Athletics - ----
Frisby, Mark Member MSU Bookstore - ----
Groseth, Jaynee Member Alumni Association - ----
Kipfer, Julie Member University Marketing - ----
Lutz, Paula Member College of Letters & Science - ----
Mahurin, Rebecca Member Technology Transfer Office - ----
Marley, Robert Member College of Engineering - ----
Fisher, Eric Member ASMSU - ----
Rimpau, Jim Member Planning and IT - ----
Russell, Ronda Member Admissions/New Student Services - ----
Steele, Doug Member Extension Service - ----
Stevenson, Michael Member MSU Foundation - ----
Swanson, Erika Member Professional Council - ----
Taylor, Shannon Member Faculty Senate - ----
Wold, Shana Member Staff Senate - ----
Young, Greg Member Undergraduate Education - ----
Cook, Lee Creative Team Marketing Specialist - ----
Dolan, Jake Creative Team Web Communications - ----


The University Marketing Committee serves as an oversight committee which develops coordinated plans and strategies to enhance MSU's efforts to promote its activities, programs, and accomplishments to its public. The committee provides input on issues of significance to MSU's public image. Committee members share information on projects and activities of mutual interest, review the impact of individual and group marketing efforts, and develop approaches to enhance the impact of marketing strategies.


Twice a year: October and February.


Voting Members: Representatives from all campus departments with marketing responsibilities.

Length of Term


Appointed By

Director of Communications and Public Affairs


Current--Julie Kipfer

Title--Director, Marketing and Creative Services

Appointed By--Position

Length of Term--Term of office

Advisory To

President's Executive Council

Reports Due

As requested